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3/27/2023 Minecraft Update - 1.19.4




+ Added GSit to all other servers still using Chairs and/or SimpleSit
* Updated server to MC 1.19.4
* Updated Dynmap to 3.5-beta 3
* Updated Citizens to 2.0.31-b2997
* Updated HolographicDisplays to 3.0.2-SNAPSHOT
* Updated VentureChat to 3.5.0
* Updated FastAsyncWorldEdit to 2.6.0-SNAPSHOT-392
* Updated GSit to 1.4.1
* Updated ProtocolLib
* Updated PremiumVanish
* Fixed an issue where members with Manager or Owner rank would not have join/leave messages displayed in the #mc-chatlogs channel on Discord
* Fixed an issue where Cauldrons could not be sat in - this used to be a feature back in the day, this functionality has been restored
* Fixed an issue where /back would not work properly from all teleportation events (this was made more obvious with the introduction of cross-server warp and teleport)
* Fixed an issue where GSit would display incorrect messages when sitting down
* Renamed 'hub' server in /server list to 'fallback'
* Fallback server ("Hub") now displays as "Fallback Hub" in Discord instead of "Hub"
- Removed plugin: ChatControl
- Disabled plugin temporarily: LibsDisguises (not up to date as of yet, will be re-added once a 1.19.4 build is released)
- Disabled plugin temporarily: custom-ore-generator (not up to date as of yet, will be re-added once a 1.19.4 build is released)
- Removed "factions" server from /server list
- Removed plugin: Chairs
- Removed plugin: SimpleSit
- Removed Killerteddy



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