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7/15/2022 Minecraft Update




+ Added server: Vanilla/Anarchy
+ Added CUDisenchant to Semi-Vanilla
+ Added map images ingame for Cryolab and Hardcore Temple (Temple Redux) parkour courses
+ Added the following items as potential SurvivalGames loot: Netherite Ingot, Netherite Sword, Crossbow, Creeper Spawn Egg, Spyglass, Trident
* Moved goal points in Cryolab Grifblock map further back
* Renamed Parkour course 'Temple Redux' to 'Hardcore Temple' (map ID is still temple_redux to avoid breaking existing progression)
* Fixed a bug where anti-cheat would block Durite Elytra flight (and potentially fireworks with normal Elytra as well)
* Fixed a broken half-door, missing snow layers, and a missing campfire on Corrupsula
* Improved Island Grifblock arena: removed double tall grass, reduced tall grass, added lily pads in central water area to make traversal easier, and added some additional out-of-bounds terrain to improve aesthetics
- Removed Flint and Steel from possible SurvivalGames loot
- Removed Killerteddy1



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