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5/15/2022 Minecraft Update




* Updated server resource pack to v2.0.0
* Updated CUTeddyBoss to 1.2.2
* Updated CUCraftingPlus to 1.2.0
* Migrated all custom items (including non-public items) to use Custom Model Data instead of Optifine Custom Item Textures (CIT), allowing them to be visible on vanilla clients
* Updated all UtilityBlocks items to use the default Minecraft textures (Lava, Water, Fire, Soul Fire, and Redstone Dust still use custom textures)
* Updated textures for all Durite items
* Updated Teddy's Donation Money texture
* Nether Portal item in UtilityBlocks now has a 3D model, matching how the real item would display in earlier versions of Minecraft
* Migrated UtilityBlocks commands into CUCraftingPlus
* Server resource pack is now only configured to enable in Survival, and will automatically disable in other gamemodes
- Removed plugin: UtilityBlocks
- Removed plugin: CUEventMeteor
- Removed Killerteddy



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