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Age of Rebirth

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In Age of Rebirth, you are one of the few survivors of an apocalyptic event - much of your kind have fallen, with only a fraction of the people left alive. What once was a world full of prosperity, is now a hostile and deadly world. The remaining surviving people have built towns and fortifications to keep safe from the demons of the darkness.

Will you reconstruct the pieces of the past? Or will you pave a new way forward into the future? Will you survive and thrive, or succumb to the monsters that have overtaken this world?

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Survival - With a Story

There's a bit more to your survival playthrough this time - a sense that you aren't the first one to set foot on these lands. Our plan is to have additional story/RPG based content added over time, in addition to the traditional survival experience.

Less Bugs, More Mods

Many of the major issues with Brink of Chaos have been fixed, and many all-new mods have been introduced to create a fresh and more stable experience.

Everything You Loved Before

Anything you could do on Brink of Chaos, you can do in Age of Rebirth. Whether you want to build a crazy elaborate base or just create beautiful structures, there's something here for everyone.

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