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Brink of Chaos

Home » Brink of Chaos

As of January 19, 2020, the Brink of Chaos server has been retired. You can still download and play the modpack in singleplayer, as well as explore old world archives, but no future updates will be released for the modpack.

For the current custom modpack and modded server by Chaotic United, check out Age of Rebirth.

Explore Age of Rebirth

A crazy advanced, technical, and overly complex Modpack brought to you by Chaotic United. This modpack was inspired by FTB Horizons, FTB Trident, and has some of its own blood in the mix as well. It's a Minecraft experience like no other.



Blast your enemies to smitherines with a wide assortment of weaponry - from the simple to the insane.

Unlimited World

Travel as far as you possibly can in our 100% unlimited world.

Infinite Possibilities

Anything from a crazy technical underground secret facility, to a cozy modern home, to a medieval village overlooked by a castle, there is no limit to what you can do.

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