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Guest TheGamerOfficial

Applying for [Citizen] rank

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Guest TheGamerOfficial



Minecraft Username: TheGamerOffical


Age: 15 years old


Experience with Minecraft: I've played since 2010


Write a brief statement below explaining why you want to join and why you deserve to be accepted:

     I play this game quite a lot. I've always liked to meet new friends and even see exiting builds made by a lot of people. My one friend from

school invited me to this server. His name is JamesTehWolf I known him for a year now. I thank him for showing me this server as well. I don't

like to grief on servers or mod/hack. The only "mod" I do use is optifine "it allows you to zoom in/out" which really doesn't effect anything. I like

servers like this as well, I think it's a lot better then factions as well... I know whom ever is reading this might think i'm not really writing a brief

statement on why I'd like to join... but I really like to help other server communites, I once owned a server with my one friend who shall not be

named. We were also strict about who was allowed to be ranked up on our server too. So I understand if you don't want to accept me, Just

give me a chance.

                                         -Thank you for your time!

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Guest LaughedSnail

Welcome to Nuclear District, you've been accepted. Your rank will be set to Citizen so you can enjoy the server to its full extend. If you encounter any issues please post a topic about it here. If you wish to contribute to us so our community won't cease to exist please check out this link.


IP to our Minecraft server:

IP to our Teamspeak3 server:

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