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[Movies]Your Top 3 - Best Movies

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Give us your top 3 Best Movies you have watched




1 - Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / Dumb and Dumber

Cant decide wich one i liked more, i guess its just Jim Carrey that makes the movies, both where awesomely funny to watch


2 - Jurrasic Park I II III

An amazing franchise, 1st one of course the best but not really THAT obvious to choose. I just like them all


3 - Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Allways had something with pirates, and seing this movie for the first time just boosted my interest in the Pirate Age



Dont forget to leave yours in the comments!

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The matrix. First watched it when an impressionable age of 11, absolutely over the idea of downloading program's and then be a super awesome fighting machine, until Mr Reeves strutted into a secure facility, and shot very one to pieces with "keys and loose hangs he had about his person"

Most Jackie Chan films. Cliche I know, but his films are easy to watch whilst still being actiony and well devised. Having to pick one, I'd say either Rush Hour or The Medallion. Rush Hour is a great film, with great comedic value and some pretty interesting fights. But the Medallion has Lee Evans (I think. Or at least some guy who I can't name but I know is funny, helpful right?) and some pretty amusing scenes.

And finally, most Bruce Willis films. Die hard 4.0 is an exception , as is the expendable a (if he was in it). Films like Die Hard, Die Hard with a Vengeance were great, with the action, the explosions, the "Yippie Kai Yey" and all that. But probably my favourite Bruce Willis would be The Fifth Element. A great SciFi movie. Nice and long and with some really great acting from everyone, as well as some really well designed comedy from the villain and the "thugs" as well. Not to mention the, shall we say, eccentric actor introduced halfway through? If you're not sure, watch it, and have a chat with me. Just make sure you've got plenty of time on your hands, and don't get to disappointed by the finale scene.

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Guest Pvt_Braindead

Why does this not have any replies? Who doesnt watch movies. for real. anyway.

1. Wolf of Wall Street. Because i like it.

2. The entire Fast and the Furious series. Because RaceCar B)

3. Cant really decide but im going with Pirates of the Caribbean series because pirates are cool. 

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