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Guest Hawk_Pro

Ban Appeal

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Guest Hawk_Pro


I am here requesting my ban for 5 days on this server to be repealed. I was banned for "griefing" and "giving out spawned items", of which neither I have done. I was banned for placing water near Dialga_FTW's house. I only did so because I was on fire, and if I did not place water I would have died. According to Ilovecars333, this is "griefing", which i partially agree too (he left me with a warning). I was banned for giving out items such as glostone, dye, and glass to _treemugger_, even though when i asked moderator Jrastic(Bobbie) he said that i can give tree spawned items as long as he was building only my house, and that he would check tree's inventory after the house was done.

I followed staff's instructions, and Cars found a problem with that. As a moderator, Cars is not being very friendly or understanding in my opinion. Someone please have a talk with them and unban me. I am sorry for what I did, please unban me. I will not do it again.




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Guest ilovecars333

I warned you for griefing 2 different places. And I caught you giving spawned items with a player that has non-spawning ranks. You have known about these rules for a long time, yet you still break them. You broke 2 rules. Wait 5 days for unban.


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Guest LaughedSnail

You've been told by Staff and CoreStaff many times in the past few days about this matter. You should know that giving out spawned items is unacceptable. Why listen to a moderator after the server owners told you multiple times yesterday? As of now the 5 day ban will stay



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Let's be absolutely honest here for a minute.

The fact here is that a member of the staff gave away wrong information to Hawk.

And it's a shame that the staff member did not know the rules we have for the Minecraft server.


But, I'm not blaming it on Bobbie.

All ND's rules are spread out over the forums and it's ridiculous that you actually have show some proper effort to find them all.

And even after finding all the rules you still do not know the proper information because most of them aren't even listed or outdated.


If Hawk decided to check the rules for himself then he would find this listed as MC rules:


Server rules:

  • No griefing in survival
  • No use of glitches/bugs (game and server wise!)
  • No flaming in chat (No full caps, no insulting)
  • Enjoy yourselves  :)


Please tell me where it says that you're not allowed to give away spawned items, even though it should be common sense.


As for griefing, griefing is griefing and should be punished as listed in the rules.


Drawing a conclusion is up to the mods.

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Let me make one thing clear, I NEVER said to give him spawned items. I said the rules do not allow you to share your spawned item even if a person who can't spawn is trying to help you with your items. Here's where you might have misunderstood, I said I am not allowing you to give him the stuff required for building and even if you give Treemugger the items or not, I will check his chests, his inventory and whatever is possible.

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