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StarCraft 2 Mission Editor

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Guest PhycoToDaMax

I am making a mission, here are the following details I have going for it:


Delta team was doing it's normal routine patrol when gun shots go off in a small town called "El'Preco". SO they move in to figure out what was going on, well the undead start to rise and that is when the cut scene goes off and you start to play. You get 2 rifle guys, a sniper, a commando, and a medic.


Delta team must reach contact with Alpha, but thy are pinned down by the dead swarming on them like flies to a dirty trash can.


So Delta has to move in through the town, in the town you will find survivors. They spawn around the town randomly. So it's possible to make a large army out of survivors. (Still got to fix that)


After establishing contact with Alpha team you will get 5 scv's and and a command center and you'll have to clean out the town.


Reinforcement's drop in occasionally. They will always be pinned down by the dead, so you'll have to rescue them.





More will be coming, stay tuned.



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