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Music : Copyright Infringement Guidelines

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Guest The Tastiest Tickles

Welcome to the music section, as you may know copyright infringement is a sticky subject and we wish not to get in complicated management issues involving the question.


You will be more than welcome to link music to these forums but we will be removing threads that do not follow these basic ground rules i will be laying down.


When linking music you want to share, please link GROOVESHARK links of songs or albums. please do not upload media to the forums, upload your own media to various hosts or link Youtube videos including direct tracks that might get pulled for copyright infringement purposes.


When you want to share something you go on and locate either the track, album or artist you want to share with us.

You then right click the media property, click SHARE then copy the URL you are provided with and you post this URL to our forums. Thank you for your consideration and respecting these guidelines.


Using these very safe steps you will be redirecting users to media that is external to our forums and that is already copyright managed in a safe and stressless way, its an excellent website i have been using for years.




Here is an example of what i'm wanting to see :


This is an external link to NEON KNIGHTS By MSTRKRFT :




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