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Graphics Subforum Rules & FAQ

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Please refer to this post first, the rules listed here count for the whole forum and therefor here aswell.


• This place is not a place to do paid jobs and to get costumers.

• Do not flame on the creations of others, nothing is horrible.

• Use spoilers when posting multiple big pictures.

Respect the opinion of others.

• Do not steal artwork from others and claim that it's yours.

• Reposting artwork is allowed, if you credit the original creator.

No sexual/erotic posts.




You mentioned spoilers, how do these work?

Your text or pictures here [/spoiler ] <--- Without the space between "[/spoiler ]"


Can I make FX for others without being member of the "Graphic Master" group?

Yes you can.


Then what is this "Graphic Master" group for?

Members of the Graphic Master group are here to enforce the rules, lock & pin topics, create contests and pretty much the stuff that a forum mod does.


How do I make a graphics request?

Simple! Make yourself a topic with the title "Graphics Request" and put some demands you have in the text.


Where do I post my beautifull work?

Right here!


What software should I use?

Anything you like, but Adobe Photoshop is a nice piece of software.


How do I ask you a question?

Click this and then click "Send me a message".

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