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Mob Despawning

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Let's see if this works. So I've noticed that I can't keep any sheep or cows or pigs, or anything really, without them despawning. I talked to a mod about it (name started with a D..?) and he/she tried a few things to see if we could get my sheep to stay but nothing worked. Every time I disconnect and log back on, or leave the area and come back, everything is gone. I thought I'd go ahead and make a thread about it to better bring attention to the problem. Hopefully I did this right.


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After I tried a few different ways to have your sheep stay I brought it to the attention of the staff. Unfortunely, this is a known issue by both the staff and Mojang that has yet to be fixed. It's caused by an error in chunk loading which is why every time you leave the mobs disappear. I did some research and this issue has been happening for a while with no way of fixing it. I can try to look into other methods to get the mobs to stay and hopefully we can get this resolved. I can keep returning your sheep to you for now while I work on finding a solution. 

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