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The Custom Modpack. Coming Soon!

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Greetings, fellow ND members!

I've been working on a custom modpack lately with help from Bobbie. It's going to be a small modpack, with around 50 mods to ensure smooth gameplay. I have already decided some of the mods which I'm going to add, but I need some feedback from you guys.

Post a list of the mods you like best. I would also like to know what kind of a server you would like (survival, factions, anarchy...)

After some time, There will be a poll put up for voting.

Any feedback would be much appreciated.

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Dubstep Guns,

Tinker's Construct,

NEI Mapwriter,

Morph Mod,

Flans Mod,

Adventure Backpacks Mod,

Food Plus Mod,

Force Mod.

A simple list of my favorites

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