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Version History


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+ Added support for CUPoints (stored using old NDPoints config options)
+ Lobby spawn, arena starting point, and checkpoints now have support for yaw and pitch
+ Added resumable sessions - if a player disconnects from the server or leaves the game, they will have the option to resume their previous session
+ Added ability for players to adjust their yaw/pitch for the current checkpoint
+ Added ability for moderators to kick players from a parkour game, and choose whether or not to remove their current session upon doing so
+ Added ability to view session details via /pkr session
+ Parkour arenas can be hidden (they won't show in the arena list), and locked (only admins can join them)
+ Playernames show in different colors on the scoreboard depending on the chosen difficulty
+ Parkour arenas now have a display name, and the arena YML name is now stored in lowercase, as YAML config options are case-sensetive
+ Arena display names can be used for parkour signs
+ Added ability for admins to check other player's session details
* Trying to join a parkour arena when a previous saved session exists will warn the user and prompt them to either resume their session or confirm to delete it
* Checkpoints now save their location at the center of the block, rather than the edge
* Scoreboard shows a status indicator if a player enables admin bypass mode
* Scoreboard is now removed from players upon plugin reload
* The parkour arena area selection wand (/pkr wand) no longer acts as a global toggle for all users
* Scoreboard updating, admin bypass, and wand lists now rely on player UUID's rather than usernames
* Various internal code cleanup and organization
* Join commands are no longer case-sensetive
* The parkour arena list is no longer an admin-only command
- Players can no longer create NDParkour signs (they shouldn't have been able to in the first place)

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