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Minecraft Server

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Our Minecraft server for Vanilla Minecraft is our longest-standing service. It was introduced in 2011, and has been the flagship project for CU ever since. Now, it returns, bigger and better than ever.

Availible Modes


A classic gamemode. This mode has been around since 2011 on CU, and continues to be a main focus even today. Featuring awesome ranks, and introducing a new quest system, this mode has never been better.

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Express yourself! Build your dreams! In our 200x200 plot-based creative mode, you can easily and safely build whatever you can imagine. And, you can claim up to 10 plots!

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You are on top of the world! A twist on the standard survival mode, you are stuck on top of an isolated floating isle with a few resources. Use them wisely, expand, and built your floating fortress.

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The Arena

Got a PvP itch to scratch? Come try out our new mode - The Arena. Two even teams face off on a variety of playspaces with various weapons. Work with your team and dominate The Arena!

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Are you an expert at coordination? Got good jumping power? Come give Parkour a go. Featuring unique areas and beautiful scenery, these are more than just your everyday parkour map (though those are availible too, if you prefer).



An open battleground, a game of territory claims. Claim your land and conquer the land of your enemies. Build an unstoppable empire.

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You and a horde of monsters. Fight alone or with friends. Earn rewards and hone your skills.


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