Update Notes

12/4/2018 Website Update

+ Added header images to most forums site areas

- Removed Killerteddy

12/1/2018 Website Update

* Fixed link for Vote Page on the main website
* Mass optimization! Many of the website's images (primarily those found under the Games sections) have been downscaled in order to increase page load times
- Removed Killerteddy

11/25/2018 Update

Don't mind me, just fixing some DNS entries.


+ eldewrito.chaoticunited.net is now an alias of dewrito.chaoticunited.net

* Fixed invalid DNS record: dewrito.chaoticunited.net

- Removed Killerteddy

11/19/2018 Update

+ Added downloads category: Minecraft (Premium)

+ Added downloads subcategory to Minecraft (Premium): Schematics

+ Added downloads subcategory to Minecraft (Premium): Worlds

+ Added downloads category: Graphics

+ Added downloads subcategory to Graphics: Logos

+ Added downloads subcategory to Graphics: Icons

+ Added downloads subcategory to Graphics: Banners

+ Added downloads category: Website Templates

+ Added downloads subcategory to Website Templates: HTML Templates

+ Added downloads subcategory to Website Templates: PHP Templates

+ Added downloads subcategory to Website Templates: IPS Community Suite (IP.Board) Themes

+ Added new helpcenter article: File Submission Guidelines

+ Added new helpcenter article: Premium Downloads Info

- Removed Killerteddy

11/11/2018 Update

Some changes have been applied to the Forums.


+ New page: Server Status

+ New default theme: Chaotic United - 2018

+ New theme: Chaotic United - 2018 (Dark)

+ Added Search, Staff, and Support to the main navigation menu

- Removed Killerteddy

11/7/2018 Update

A small update has been applied to the main MC server.


* Enabled XPStorer mechanic: sneak while clicking on a lapis block to turn your XP into XP bottles for storage.

* Disabled recipe for Stack of Books due to inconsistent results in some cases

- Removed Killerteddy

11/5/2018 Update

+ Add new Downloads category: Xbox 360 (JTAG/RGH)

+ Add new Downloads category: Freestyle 3 (subcategory of Xbox 360)

* Set the "We've upgraded!" announcement to inactive

- Removed Killerteddy

10/18/2018 Update

Some updates have been applied to the website and Semi-Vanilla server.


Website Changes:

+ Add some new sites to the ND Archive (thanks @Atomicbeast101 ❤️):

      ND 2015 Beta

      ND 2015 Alternate

      ND 2015 v2 Alternate (works a lot better than the earlier copy)

      ND 2016 Rev. 1

      ND 2016 Rev. 2

      ND 2016 Rev. 3

      ND 2016 v2 Beta WIP

* Added drop shadow to ND logo on the ND archive to make it easier to read

* http://nucleardistrict.net/forums now redirects to https://chaoticunited.net/forums


Semi-Vanilla Changes:

- Disallowed RTP in Nether and End

8/21/2018 Update

Here's to you, Nuclear District. ❤️


+ Added new theme: District One

+ Added new theme: ND 2015 - Dark Theme

+ Added new website section: Nuclear District Archive

7/15/2018 Website Update

An update has been applied to the main CU website


+ Added new website section: Livestream Details - this area of the website allows the addition of details on various official and community livestreamers

* Implemented CKEditor support to main website

* Implemented CodeMirror support to main website

* 404 page now uses the modern wrapper

- Removed Killerteddy

7/12/2018 Website Update

An update has been applied to the main website.


+ Added new group: Development Team

+ Added Development Team and Advisor to the group legend

+ Added new application: Discord Integration - This addon is used to send notifications to the #forums-feed channel on the CU Discord, in order to encourage forums usage.

* Fixed splashes not displaying

* Spelling correction on Minecraft pageexpand, and built your floating >>> expand, and build your floating


6/3/2018 Update

Some small changes have been applied to the MC server and website.


* Restriction on use of /item - command can only be used every 15 seconds

* Renamed main website navigation option: Arena Map Browser - renamed to Minigame Map Browser

- Removed 'The Arena' block from Minecraft games page on main website

- Removed 'Factions' block from Minecraft games page on main website

- Removed 'The Arena' navigation item from main website

- Removed 'Factions' navigation item from main website

5/24/2018 MC Server Update

An update has been applied to the MC server in order to do some housekeeping and add room for added features:


+ Added plugin: PvPToggle

* /play (or using the Play item in the hub) no longer shows MobArena or Factions

- Removed MobArena

- Removed Factions

- Removed Killerteddy

4/29/2018 Website Update

Some updates have been applied to the website and more.


+ Added new IP: dewrito.chaoticunited.net

+ Added the 3 ElDewrito servers to the server box on the forums

+ Added server page for ElDewrito on main website

+ Added blocks for ElDewrito and Brink of Chaos on homepage

+ Updated the services list on homepage due to not being updated in a while

+ Added new subforum: ElDewrito

+ Added downloads category: ElDewrito

+ Added subcategories for download category ElDewrito: Maps (Forge), Game Variants, Tag Mods

* Download center now allows for user uploads

* Fixed incorrect alt text for server icons on the services box on the homepage

- Removed Killerteddy

4/8/2018 Website Update

A small yet simultaneously huge change was implemented to the main website.


* List of staff on homepage now dynamically pulls from forums - no more outdated team lists woo! (also about died trying to make it happen but it happened nonetheless)

- Removed Killerteddy

3/28/2018 Forums Update

+ Added icons to the navigation menu (the primary ones should look familiar ;))

- Removed Killerteddy


An update has been applied to the community.


+ Added new role: Advisor

* Updated the community guidelines

* Upgraded forums to IP.Board 4.2.7

* Changed several staff to Advisor: kirahuang, Smooth8, rookie_11, aelf

- Removed Killerteddy

12/31/2017 - 2017 Relaunch

Chaotic United has relaunched! Here is the full list of changes and updates to the community.


+ Added plugin: BattleArena
+ Added plugin: EssentialsX
+ Added a new in-game UI (/play)
+ Added plugin: MobArena
+ Added MobArena map: Heat
+ Added MobArena map: Ruin
+ Added MobArena map: C-173
+ Added Parkour map: Sandstorm
+ Added Parkour map: Oasis
+ Added Parkour map: EndParkour
+ Added Arena map: Tomb (formerly Quake)
+ Added Arena map: Labrynth
+ Added Arena map: Beaver Creek
+ Added new gamemode: MobArena [NEEDS FURTHER TESTING FROM
+ Added new gamemode: The Arena [NEEDS FURTHER TESTING FROM
+ New Survival spawn
+ New Factions spawn
+ New Minigames (Arena) spawn
+ Added hub items, you can now get anywhere on the server from the hub without any
+ Added plugin: SilkSpawners
+ Added plugin: SpawnerShop
+ Added plugin: ZHorse
+ Added new emote: /sad
+ Added new emote: /thinking
+ Added new plugin: SmartSignEditor
* Updated creative spawn
* Updated SkyBlock spawn
* Updated hub
* Parkour now has Easy, Normal, and Hard modes - Easy mode has 0.25x the award,
with a checkpoint being able to be set anywhere, and Hard mode has 10x the award
with no checkpoints
* Parkour will no longer re-grant the same checkpoint twice, which means you can't fall
and re-unlock a previous checkpoint
* All faction management commands (ie, renaming, promoting, demoting, creating,
disbanding, etc) are now able to be run anywhere, not just within Factions
- Removed plugin: Stables
- Removed Killerteddy


+ New website design
* Nuclear District site theme now uses new logo
* Website now behaves much better on mobile devices
* Helpcenter index now has a unique icon for each page, including some icons from
FontAwesome 5
* Legacy CU Staff, ND Staff, and Veterans pages now use a static image instead of a
3D render - the old 3D render stopped working
* Rules entry on the helpcenter redirects to the main rules page on forums
- Removed Killerteddy


+ Added new CU themed group badges
+ Added Download center
+ Added Blogs
* Fixed group badge display/sizing issues on most themes
- Removed Killerteddy

12/16/2017 Forums Hotfix

A hotfix and small update has been applied to the forums.


+ Added christmas lights to the top of the page

* Fixed (hopefully) snow on the website

- Removed Net Neutrality banner (because fuck you Ajit)

- Removed Killerteddy

- Removed Ajit Pai

12/12/2017 Mini Community Update

Some changes have been made to CU's guidelines and Discord server.


+ Added rule: Do not discuss marijuana or other illegal drugs in public chats

- Removed #420 channel from Discord to avoid issues with Discord's TOS, US law, and as a response to strong community backlash

- Removed Killerteddy

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