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So, you found out that Ruin Community's domain name was purchased by Chaotic United. Congrats, as I was unsure if anyone would ever see this. If you are a player or especially a staff member, feel free to keep reading. By the way, I am haloman30. You can message me on the forums and this page is written as if I am one person (which I am in this case) instead of 'we' 'us' and other pronouns used to refer to the CU Network.

Are you just some random guy who took the domain?
Nope. I was a former player of Ruin Community. Not in any excess, as I stopped almost entirely after I joined Chaotic United. I see value in the Ruin Community name and purchased it to bring it into the Chaotic United Network to "immortalize" it and to prevent some random joe from snatching the name.

What is the Chaotic United Network?
The Chaotic United Network was founded in 2011 by Killerteddy/Hector. In early 2014 it was shut down and in late 2014 I began work to bring it back online. Today, the Chaotic United Network refers to Chaotic United and Nuclear District.Additionally, United AlyCraft, Hurricane Craft, Tidal Wave Gaming and Chaotic District are considered part of the Chaotic United Network, but are not major portions of the community anymore. United AlyCraft is somewhere in between the two 'sections', but is still not a major portion of the Network.

I am a former staff/admin/owner of Ruin Community. Can I talk to you?
Absolutely! I'd love to hear from any of you.

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