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Woah, how did you end up on this old thing?

I'm guessing you saw a link on our really old forum (the one we don't use anymore) linking to this page as a "backup forum". Can you believe that was actually a thing? Yeah, me neither - because it was literally never used and got deleted at some point. This was back in the day when the forums broke all the time. Luckily, we live in modern times and the forums rarely break. What great times we live in!

In either case, you're probably looking for a forum, right? Lucky for you, we have one. Click the big button below to go there!

Check out our Forums

Alternatively, if you have no idea what this is...

Check the links below to see the only topic in existence that links back here (that we know of)

Original topic on Chaotic District (original webhost) Original topic on Chaotic District (primary CU webhost, clone of old site) Topic copy/pasted to CU Forums

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