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Chaotic United | Timeline

Chaotic United | Timeline

  • 2011

  • Founded - April 26, 2011

    On that fateful day long ago, a man known as killerteddy1 had a Minecraft server known as Fatality Minecraft. On April 26, 2011, this server merged into Chaotic United and ever since then, CU grew more and more every day.

  • 2012

  • Haloman30 - January 2, 2012

    A day that, while not yet known, would change Chaotic United forever just a couple years down the road.
    Screenshot: First screenshot taken by haloman30, on CU server

  • The Stoneharry Event

    A long time administrator of Chaotic United, stoneharry, deleted the CU website and server. Noone knows why he did it to this day.
    Image: The 'dancing cat' that was seen on the page left by stoneharry.

  • 2013

  • Decline and Collapse

    Chaotic United was going strong for years. But things were slowing to a crawl. For the past year, CU was running on the talent, time, and money of Atomicbeast101, Ntx2 and several more. But it wasn't enough. Killerteddy wasn't satisfied with the player counts and wanted to close the CU server due to lack of profits. The CU staff would not let killerteddy kill off such a great community, so they left - and founded Nuclear District.

  • HurricaneCraft

    As CU was being drained of its playerbase, killerteddy offered josh_3210 some extra players by pointing the domain at HurricaneCraft. HurricaneCraft was granted usage of the old Chaotic Unietd forums, which were rebranded under HurricaneCraft.

  • 2014

  • Nuclear District - February 5, 2014

    Nuclear District was founded!

  • Chaotic United Revival - September 5, 2014

    CU was gone for almost a year. HurricaneCraft had long since shut down, and ND was lagging behind in population. Haloman30 and Alycat took it upon themselves to rebuild Chaotic United.

  • 2015

  • Chaotic United™

    In the late spring of 2015, several members of Chaotic United helped to secure the future of the community. Michael, Mike79953, and a couple others pitched in to get Chaotic United trademarked. Thanks to this, Chaotic United was locked in as the one and only real CU, and prevented others with malicious intent from being capable of taking the name.

  • ND and CU Merge!

    After several talks with ND and CU staff, the administration agreed that the two communities should to be united once and for all. Today, they exist in harmony together.

  • 2016

  • Dedicated

    Thanks to the genrosity of Alycat, Chaotic United was able to get a dedicated server, instead of running on a VPS. The dedicated server had 32GB of RAM. That's insane! With the dedicated server came a CU custom modpack server.

  • No More Dedicated Server

    Due to bank issues on Alycat's end, the dedicated server was indeed lost. But that is just for that time, it would be obtained once more under more secure circumstances.

  • ND Closes - Aug. 22

    On this day, Nuclear District closed its doors. Chaotic United continued to carry on both its own and ND's legacy back at their own website and forums. The ND website was change to this page, and allowed the members to remain in contact after the closure via a Discord server.

  • 2017

  • WindFrontier - Stage 1 - Jan. 29

    A major event spanning across several months started on this day, and would bring to it a major change to Chaotic United. Windwhistle/Arlem had returned to CU after a long period of inactivity. After a few months he made an unofficial TTT server for CU. After some confusion and misunderstanding, it was decided by the staff that the TTT would be sent its own way - but a group conversation would be made to perhaps salvage the TTT server - that had become a merge by this point. It eventually reached a mutual agreement and the merge had been saved. Alycat however, still had reservations about the merge. After Haloman30 convinced Aly to go with it, Wind pulled out due to the amount of drama it took - which in turn, Alycat responded with hostility that would set the stage for a major event to go down. At the time, Wind was regarded as an enemy of CU, but that would change soon.

  • WindFrontier - Stage 2 - Feb. 11

    Alycat had continued to go on WF's public Discord and leave cautionary messages. This angered both the folks at WindFrontier and some staff within CU. After continued "immature" behavior, a meeting was held with CU's higher staff - and Alycat was unanimously voted out of ownership. At the same time, WindFrontier merged with Chaotic United.

  • WindFrontier - Stage 3 - Feb. 12 to Mar. 27

    During the course of a month or so, Halo was convinced by Wind that he was being manipulated aggressively by Alycat, and Halo, feeling bad about outcasting his friend, flipped back and forth on the merge several times - it was finally settled due to events detailed in this forums post. On March 26, 2017, Alycat was truly and finally banished from Chaotic United - after five years of people wanting Aly demoted, banned, and so on, after being not acknowledged as an owner by the folks at NuclearDistrict and by CU's own community, Aly was finally gone, and CU could move forward without obstruction. Or so everyone thought.

  • WindFrontier - Stage 4 - Mar. 28 to Apr. 23

    Over time, the WindFrontier merge lost its ecstasy. It was apparent that the community was not moving forward and things continued to feel hopeless. In addition, Halo felt miserable being an enemy with his former friend and partner. There were multiple instances where this boiled over within direct messages and in staff channels on Discord. Additionally, BlarFlargen had left due to Collin coming into the team and things continued to decline. This reached a climax where Halo decided that Aly needed to return and once again tried to convince Michael to see his side. He told Wind, and he then left and would not return. The decision was made to start Elaztek Studios, and to have Chaotic United continue to operate separately. Aly would return to Chaotic United and to keep the community as intact as possible, Elaztek was presented as an escape from Alycat. Halo and Aly were once again partners and CU finally had a chance to thrive again.


    On June 23, the long search and effort to obtain came to a close. After the domain became availible on the domain marketplace, money was pooled together to obtain the domain and, from then on out, was ours.

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