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Chaotic United℠ | Credits

Chaotic United℠ | Credits

Chaotic United - Credits


Website Design

  • Template built off of Artificial Reason - Responsive Full Pack v1.4.3adrigm

  • About page designAdam/Atomicbeast101

  • Homepage video 'games.mp4'Adam/Atomicbeast101

  • Chaotic United Logo and Icon (2013+)Mike Stardust

  • Forums IP.Board License (, 2014-2016)Joseph Knapp (GeneralKnapp)

  • IP.Nexus Payment16dbaxter, Mikey

  • IP.Blog Purchase16dbaxter, Mikey

  • Trademark PurchaseAwakenedRage, Mikey

  • IP.Board Renewal16dbaxter, Mikey

  • Privacy PolicyMichael/AwakenedRage

  • Terms of ServiceMichael/AwakenedRage

  • Miscellaneous custom pageshaloman30

Forums Design

  • Primary Forums Software (2012+)IP.Board 3.x/4.x

  • 2014 Startup Forums SoftwareMyBB, phpBB

  • United AlyCraft Forums SoftwarephpBB/

  • Chaotic Blue, Chaotic Green, Nostalgia forums theme based off of XGameVirteq, LLC

  • Chaotic v3 forums themeSpencer

  • NuclearDistrict IP.Board 3.x skins based off of EsmonaIPBFangorn

  • NuclearDistrict IP.Board 4.x skinsAdam/Atomicbeast101

Minecraft Server Design

  • Original Chaotic United spawnsntx2, Spencer, and more

  • Relaunch Hubhaloman30, alycat, Em_Aru

  • SkyBlock Spawnhaloman30, BlarFlargen, Blizzardbball

  • Creative Spawnhaloman30, BlarFlargen, alycat, Blizzardbball, Em_Aru

  • Survival Spawnhaloman30, BlarFlargen, alycat, Blizzardbball, Em_Aru

  • Beta 1.7.3 Spawnhaloman30

Minecraft Server Technology

  • CUXPSellilovecars333

  • TheRedCoreAdam/Atomicbeast101

  • NDPackageAdam/Atomicbeast101

  • NDParkourAdam/Atomicbeast101

  • Server Management (2014-2015)Michael/AwakenedRage

  • Custom Plugin Development (2016-Current)Michael/AwakenedRage, BlarFlargen, haloman30

Store Design

  • Chaotic District Donation StoreMinecraftMarket

  • Chaotic United 2011-2012 Donation StoreIP.Board Subscriptions

  • Chaotic United 2013 Donation StoreIP.Nexus

  • Chaotic United 2014+ Donation StoreMinecraftMarket

  • Nuclear District Donation StoreMinecraftMarket

  • Chaotic United Merch StoreIP.Nexus (Commerce)

NuclearDistrict Team
Atomicbeast101, Alex, Nik, ntx2, 16dbaxter, Falkerz, Spencer, Kendev, Bobbie_, LaughedSnail, KooladeCaprisun, ZacSkitlez, Em_Aru, DrummerWiz, ilovecars333

Original ChaoticUnited Team
killerteddy1, Spencer, stoneharry, nAb_PwNeR, ntx2, CireEric, dub_step321, Atomicbeast101, Asteriism, Limeraman, nikhilminaj, Ton1546, Minij0ker, josh_3210, Nathaniel, Godleydemon, YouAteMyWaffles, 16dbaxter, Dude322111, Falkerz, KooladeCaprisun, NinjaKitteh, davidx33, Tigerlilyx, KrazyHydra, LisaTheKitten3, Akawebster, kevo3210, Kev6969, sammito1, Justin2121, Kendev, rontunerd, Zeldster, Lopy, ZacSkitlez, Terrorblade, Sir Parn, Clouds

United AlyCraft Team
alycat, haloman30, PhoeniX_TalonZz, Brixx, AceBena, Jamesjr151, speedmcvon89, kffz, thecreator, Voxel_Box, GeneralKnapp, ci833508, kaizercraft, Air

ChaoticUnited Team
haloman30, alycat, LetsplaymasterDR/AwakenedRage, 16dbaxter, killerteddy1, ci833508, GeneralKnapp, mike79953, Ivory, Em_Aru, JohnnyDroidCU/JohnnyDroid, josh_3210, AimWicked, GuitarXpress, TheKawaiiFoxx/kffz, Esponshadow1, Hircky, BlarFlargen, Blizzardbball, kirahuang, Smooth8, X6er, NapalmGaming/TitanGamingYT, NChunter, DialgaTehSenpai, NobleNoob4Life, EvieRobin, Sprite990, thenotchcreeper, GolamT313
ChaoticDistrict Team
haloman30, Hircky, K1LL3RxC4SHx12, alpha_xchi3fx17


And we want to give a special thanks to all the members who have stuck around for all these years since 2011. Thank you for being a part of what Chaotic United was back then, and continuing to be a part of what Chaotic United is today. We never could have made it this far without you.

Thank you.

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