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Update Notes

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6/29/2019 Forums Bugfix

* Fixed welcome PM/email guidelines link pointing to instead of

- Removed Killerteddy

5/26/2019 Forums Update

* Condensed Discord rules on rules page

- Removed legacy CU and ND rules from rules page (you can still view them here and here respectively)

- Removed Killerteddy

5/25/2019 Forums Update

+ Added Moods

- Removed ElDewrito Forge and BTB servers from services block as they haven't been online for a while

- Removed Killerteddy

5/20/2019 Forums Update

+ Added Update Notes link to navigation menu
* Set ob103ninja to Veteran
* Set MikeStardust to Veteran
* Linked old ND posts for KrazyHydra
* Linked old ND posts for Nakudan
* Linked old ND posts for Jamplifier
* Linked old ND posts for EvieRobin (aelf)
* Linked old ND posts for TitanGamingYT
* Linked old ND posts for 66boik99 (Mystic)
- Removed Killerteddy

5/17/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new emoji: :loveheart:

- Removed @here ping for Discord forums feed message for new Announcement topics

- Removed Killerteddy

5/4/2019 Forums Update

* Updated from IP.Board 4.3.5 to 4.4.3

* Fixed some glaring template bugs in all publicly available themes

- Removed Killerteddy

5/3/2019 Website and Forums Update

+ Added more emoticons, moved staff faces to separate category (all but one - for obvious reasons 😉)

* Updated copyright year to 2019

* Updated Mojang copyright year to 2019

- Removed Killerteddy

5/2/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new emoticon category: Really Old Memes

+ Added a bunch of new emoticons, most of which come from the CU Discord

- Removed old emoticon duplicates

- Removed Killerteddy

4/17/2019 Forums Hotfix

* Fixed dedicated server on status page

* Fixed Brink of Chaos status on status page

- Removed Killerteddy

4/15/2019 Website Update

* Fixed wrong IP being used on the MC Beta 1.7.3 page

- Removed Killerteddy

3/2/2019 Forums Update

* Changed some filters to require moderator approval instead of being filtered automatically

- Removed most swears from word filter

- Removed Killerteddy


2/10/2019 Website Update

* Updated credits page to reflect additional staff members, Michael's continued hosting, and a few other small additions

* Updated CU Timeline to add mention of Michael's hosting from 2014-2015

- Removed Killerteddy (from the new CU credits section on credits page since he was never actually here)

2/5/2019 Website Update

* Updated Staff Chatroom placeholder page to contain links to our Discord, since GroupMe is no longer our primary source of communication

- Removed Killerteddy

2/4/2019 Website Update

+ Added a legacy/outdated page notice that will show on all pages using the old site style

* Fixed broken download link for CU 1.11.2 world

2/3/2019 Website Update

Some changes have been applied to the forums.


+ Added new calendar: Archived Events (Staff only) since hidden calendar events show on the sidebar

* Fixed dark loading wheel on dark popup dialogs

* Various other CSS fixes

1/5/2019 Website Update

Some fixes and changes have been applied to the forums and main website.


+ Added latest announcement to homepage

+ Added site banner support to CU 2018 - Dark Theme

* Migrated Helpcenter to Forums, old one retired (can still be accessed for now here, is now out of date)

* Changed main site and forums navigation menus to point to new helpcenter instead of old one

- Removed Killerteddy


12/31/2018 Website Hotfix

Last update of 2018, folks!


+ Added 2018 and other events to the CU Timeline

* Fixed various links in the footer in forums and main website

- Removed Killerteddy

12/27/2018 Forums Update

A small fix has been applied that affects two users in particular.


* Linked old Nuclear District forum topics and posts, as well as recounted content for @Falkerz

* Linked old Nuclear District forum topics and posts, as well as recounted content for @Bobbie_

12/4/2018 Website Update

+ Added header images to most forums site areas

- Removed Killerteddy

12/1/2018 Website Update

* Fixed link for Vote Page on the main website
* Mass optimization! Many of the website's images (primarily those found under the Games sections) have been downscaled in order to increase page load times
- Removed Killerteddy

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