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Update Notes

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9/20/2019 Forums Update

+ Added partners page

+ Added partners page to navigation menu

+ Added some new emoji

* Fixed :blobnomcookie: and :blobthinkingglare:

- Removed Killerteddy

8/24/2019 Update

+ Reintroduced Profile Songs (autoplay is currently disabled)
+ Added blog notifications for Discord (will appear in #forums-feed)
+ Added emoticons from the old Druaga1 discord server (they recently shut it down entirely so rip, luckily i saved the emoji from it so here they are)

+ Added some other neat emoticons
- Removed Killerteddy

8/23/2019 Site Update

* Altered redirecting method for - a series of manual URL redirects have been setup to redirect all known forums, subforums, and categories to their modern counterparts, and for all other URLs a proper wildcard redirect has been added (URLs will try to redirect to the same on as it was on, rather than having all URLs go to the homepage). Additional redirects for other parts of the old CU website may be set up over time (feel free to let us know of any)

- Removed Killerteddy

8/22/2019 MC Update

* Disallowed cracked players from purchasing items on the donation store

- Removed Killerteddy

8/16/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new application for member lists as the old search method no longer works

* Updated chatbox from 2.0.1 to 4.0.4

* Fixed issue on 2018 themes that caused topics to throw a template error while trying to load an image for the thumbnail image

* Fixed Shoutbox/Chatbox not functioning

* Fixed group badges displaying improperly on WinClassic theme

- Removed Killerteddy

8/11/2019 Forums Update

+ Add new Status option for Team Jobs: Awaiting Feedback

* Altered Status and Importance displays on Team Jobs

- Removed reviews from Team Jobs

- Removed Killerteddy

8/10/2019 Website Update

+ Set up beta forms to replace the old "copy/paste the format" topics

* Redesigned vote page (finally)

* Archived Nuclear District subforum (will be reintroduced if users wish)

- Removed Server Status page as it was inaccurate and buggy, might return at a later date

- Removed Killerteddy

8/9/2019 Website Update

* Navigation menu is now unified across main website and forums

- Removed Killerteddy

8/5/2019 Forums Update

+ Added proper Discord integration - this may or may not end up phasing out our old solution for Discord integration, time will tell. The current plan is to leave forums-feeds alone and simply use this for any features that extend beyond what the old application could do.

* Altered old notice from Team Jobs as it was originally written for Elaztek and didn't quite make sense here

- Removed Killerteddy

6/29/2019 Forums Bugfix

* Fixed welcome PM/email guidelines link pointing to instead of

- Removed Killerteddy

5/26/2019 Forums Update

* Condensed Discord rules on rules page

- Removed legacy CU and ND rules from rules page (you can still view them here and here respectively)

- Removed Killerteddy

5/25/2019 Forums Update

+ Added Moods

- Removed ElDewrito Forge and BTB servers from services block as they haven't been online for a while

- Removed Killerteddy

5/20/2019 Forums Update

+ Added Update Notes link to navigation menu
* Set ob103ninja to Veteran
* Set MikeStardust to Veteran
* Linked old ND posts for KrazyHydra
* Linked old ND posts for Nakudan
* Linked old ND posts for Jamplifier
* Linked old ND posts for EvieRobin (aelf)
* Linked old ND posts for TitanGamingYT
* Linked old ND posts for 66boik99 (Mystic)
- Removed Killerteddy

5/17/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new emoji: :loveheart:

- Removed @here ping for Discord forums feed message for new Announcement topics

- Removed Killerteddy

5/4/2019 Forums Update

* Updated from IP.Board 4.3.5 to 4.4.3

* Fixed some glaring template bugs in all publicly available themes

- Removed Killerteddy

5/3/2019 Website and Forums Update

+ Added more emoticons, moved staff faces to separate category (all but one - for obvious reasons 😉)

* Updated copyright year to 2019

* Updated Mojang copyright year to 2019

- Removed Killerteddy

5/2/2019 Forums Update

+ Added new emoticon category: Really Old Memes

+ Added a bunch of new emoticons, most of which come from the CU Discord

- Removed old emoticon duplicates

- Removed Killerteddy

4/17/2019 Forums Hotfix

* Fixed dedicated server on status page

* Fixed Brink of Chaos status on status page

- Removed Killerteddy

4/15/2019 Website Update

* Fixed wrong IP being used on the MC Beta 1.7.3 page

- Removed Killerteddy

3/2/2019 Forums Update

* Changed some filters to require moderator approval instead of being filtered automatically

- Removed most swears from word filter

- Removed Killerteddy


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