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Update Notes

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+ Added a #selfies channel to Discord

+ Added /nightvision command to Creative for Members, and to Survival for Sponsor and above (toggles permanent, particle-free night vision)

* Updated CUCommands to v1.2.10

* Updated server resource pack to v1.1.6

* Reduced chat spam from mass voting, will now only broadcast new votes from a user that are made 2 minutes after the first vote

- Removed Killerteddy

8/5/2020 Update

+ Added plugin: Soccer

+ Added plugin: Tennis
+ Added custom textures for Tennis, Soccer, and CUTeddyBoss items
* Updated plugin CUItemSpawn to v1.0.7
* Creator now has access to Book, Firework, Lore, Author, and Display Name metadata in /item
* Fixed an issue where spawned blocks would lose spawned data when moved with pistons

* Fixed inconsistencies with WorldEdit permissions for Supporter and Temporary WorldEdit ranks
- Removed Killerteddy

7/31/2020 Update

* Updated PaperMC to build 129
* Updated uSkyBlock to version 2.8.9
* Updated Multiverse-Core to version 4.1.0
* Updated Multiverse-Portals to version 4.1.0
* Updated Multiverse-NetherPortals to version 4.1.0
* Updated Multiverse-SignPortals to version 4.1.0

* Barrels, Shulker Boxes, Smokers, Looms, Grindstones, Stonecutters, Smithing Tables, and Blast Furnaces can now be locked via LWC, and are locked by default
* All Signs, Doors, Trap Doors, and Fence Gates can now be locked via LWC
* Armor Stands are now affected by gravity outside of Creative world (they are still not ticked in Creative to prevent potential lag machines)
* Fixed End Portals crashing the server when exiting
* Fixed End Gateways not functioning
* Fixed Arrows being able to break Armor Stands and Item Frame contents in protected areas
* Fixed Arrows being able to damage players who have PVP disabled
* Reduced requirements for Iron Farm SkyBlock Challenge

* All Fences, Glass Panes, and Walls are now able to be used as Gates

* Fixed Chaotic not having proper access to /fireball
- Removed Killerteddy

7/30/2020 Update

* Most public themes now use the categorized Theme menu

* Several themes have better emoticon displays (emojis won't display as giant images)

- Removed Killerteddy

7/24/2020 Update

+ Added Durite Hopper

+ Added Durite Essence

* Updated CUEventMeteor

- Disabled AuthMe

- Disabled FastLogin

- Removed Killerteddy

7/21/2020 Update

+ Added MC plugin: Bounties

* Updated DonationStore website to v2.4.17

* Gold Pickaxes can now be used to break spawners with SilkSpawners

- Removed Killerteddy

7/14/2020 Update

+ Added Durite Bow
+ Added Durite Hoe
* Recoded plugin: SlimeballJump
* Recoded plugin: CULeashTP
* Updated plugin: CUEventMeteor
* Updated server resource pack
- Removed Killerteddy

7/13/2020 Update

+ All players can now set an AFK reason by doing /afk <reason>
* Updated CUMobArena
* TNT now breaks blocks in unclaimed areas below sea level, and in claimed areas where the owner has run /claimexplosions
* Fixed players not being able to place Fire Charges
* AFK message once again shows the same to both the user going AFK and the other players online
* Fixed an issue with CUMobArena where arena locations would fail to work at all due to a missing world field
* Fixed an issue with CUMobArena where, if the player joined an arena from within an arena, the server would freeze in an infinite teleportation loop upon the player leaving the arena

* Fixed an issue where Donators and above who logged out in mid-air would fall to their death upon rejoining

- Removed Killerteddy

7/12/2020 Update

+ Added plugin: CUItemSpawn

* Updated plugin: CUEventMeteor

* Durite Armor/Tools are now based on Netherite instead of Diamond

* /item is now handled through CUItemSpawn instead of Essentials

- Removed Killerteddy

7/9/2020 Update

+ Added a whole shitload of new (old) stuff to UtilityBlocks
+ Added Durite Elytra, which can be propelled by punching the air - no fireworks needed
* Updated CUSilkSpawners to v1.0.1
* Updated UtilityBlocks to v2.0
* Updated CUEventMeteor
* Fixed an issue where Netherite Pickaxes were ignored by SilkSpawners
* UtilityBlocks is no longer command/toggle based, and instead opens as a separate inventory with all available blocks
- Removed Killerteddy

7/8/2020 Update

+ Added plugin: Dynmap-GriefPrevention
+ Added plugin: Dynmap-WorldGuard
+ Added plugin: Dynmap-Mobs
+ Added plugin: Dynmap-Citizens2
* Updated plugin: CUEventMeteor
* Fixed new spawn eggs being obtainable using /item
* Blocked off End Portal as a temporary fix to avoid server crashes (thanks paper XDd)
- Removed Killerteddy

7/6/2020 Update

+ Added new Survival Spawn
+ Added plugin Dynmap-Essentials
* Updated homepage to show Age of Rebirth modpack instead of Brink of Chaos
* Reset Survival world
* Reset SkyBlock world
* Updated plugin: Citizens
* Updated plugin: CraftingStore
* Updated plugin: CUEventMeteor
* Updated plugin: CUMobArena
* Updated plugin: CUNetherPortalPatch
* Updated plugin: EssentialsX
* Updated plugin: EssentialsXChat
* Updated plugin: EssentialsXGeoIP
* Updated plugin: EssentialsXSpawn
* Updated plugin: HolographicDisplays
* Updated plugin: JumpPads
* Updated plugin: LibsDisguises
* Updated plugin: PGGrifblock
* Updated plugin: SuperVanish
* Updated plugin: SurvivalGames
* Updated plugin: WitherAntiCheat
* Updated plugin: WorldEdit
* Updated plugin: WorldEditSUI
* Updated plugin: WorldGuard

- Removed plugin: EssentialsXAntiBuild
- Removed plugin: EssentialsXProtect
- Removed plugin: EssentialsXXMPP
- Removed Killerteddy

6/28/2020 Update

+ Added new page for Age of Rebirth server

+ Added Age of Rebirth to navigation menu

* Renamed [REDACTED] Update notes blog to Age of Rebirth Update Notes

* Renamed Brink of Chaos subforum to Age of Rebirth

* Updated Modded MC subforum icon

- Removed Killerteddy

6/26/2020 Update

* Fixed 'Board index' link on UAC website
* Reduced server status timeout on homepage and forums index
* Fixed Builder rank on forums being unable to view Bug Tracker categories
- Removed ElDewrito block from homepage services list
- Removed Killerteddy

6/22/2020 Update

+ Added emoji: :RollCat:

- Removed Killerteddy

6/21/2020 Update

+ Added timeline entries for 2020 thus far

+ Added timeline entry for MinecraftMarket shutdown in 2018

+ Added new announcement banner to old MM shutdown topic

- Removed Killerteddy

6/20/2020 MC Update

+ Added plugin: CUEventMeteor
+ Added server resource pack
+ Added Durite crash sites around Survival world
+ Added new resource and toolset: Durite
* Gravity Hammer in Grifblock now uses a custom texture (from Halo Minecraft Wars texture pack)
* Energy Sword in Grifblock now uses a custom texture (from Halo Minecraft Wars texture pack)
- Removed Killerteddy

6/12/2020 MC Update

* Added barriers to Grifblock arena Court to hopefully ensure the grifblock doesn't end up out of bounds
* Migrated server to new server (that halo finally pays for)
* Updated CUMobArena to fix an issue with spectating
* Updated PGGrifblock to fix an issue with spectating
- Removed Killerteddy

6/7/2020 Update

+ Added messages on MC, Forums, and Donation Store informing users about anti-police-brutality donations

* Fixed an issue on MC where nether portals would take you to the wrong destination (skyblock sort of works but not perfectly)

- Removed Killerteddy

6/4/2020 Update

+ Added plugin: PGGrifblock
+ Added plugin: CUMobArena (replaces old, buggy MobArena plugin)
+ Added plugin: CustomHeads
+ Re-added plugin: DynMap
+ Added plugin: WitherAntiCheat
+ Added plugin: WorldEditSUI
+ Added MobArena map: fword
+ Added MobArena map: Hopeless
+ Added Grifblock map: Sorting Area
+ Added Grifblock map: Island (has very topical easter egg in the water)
+ Added Grifblock map: grifword
+ Added SurvivalGames to /play menu
+ Added Grifblock to /play menu
+ Added Grifblock to website minigame map browser
+ Added Hopeless to website MobArena map list
+ Added SurvivalGames to website minigame map browser
+ Added SurvivalGames and Grifblock to Gamemode list on Minecraft page on website

* Reduced VeinMiner vein values to reduce lag when using VeinMiner
* DYNMAP IS FINALLY BACK (and has been for a bit but this changelog is late af)
* Replaced old, buggy MobArena plugin with a custom-coded upgrade by @Windwhistle
* Builder can now create Craftbook mechanics in Builder world
* Command Blocks can no longer be placed by regular players
* MC Rank perk lists now mention additional plots per-rank
* Disabled NDParkour built-in protection as it created unnecessary lag (WorldGuard protects the maps just fine)
* Member can now use /heads in Creative to spawn custom heads easily
* Creator and above can use /heads in Survival
* Spleef and Archives are no longer listed as [New] in /play menu
* Any user with WorldEdit can now toggle the selection UI by doing /wesui toggle
- Disabled Craftbook 'Snow' mechanic to fix players being unable to gather snowballs
- Removed plugin: MobArena

- Removed Derek Chauvin

- Removed Killerteddy

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