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Update Notes

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1/16/2019 Update

+ Added 'Guides' category under 'Minecraft' in Helpcenter

* Changed GriefPrevention claim block price - is now 2.50/block instead of 5.00/block

- Removed Killerteddy

1/15/2019 Minecraft Update

+ Added vote site: CraftList
* WorldEdit access in Creative now requires 6 votes (to match with 6 vote sites)
- Removed Killerteddy

1/14/2019 Minecraft Update

+ Added additional wall in Donator List in hub for more room
+ Added Christmas hub variant to CU Archives
* Changed hub to non-christmas themed version

* Fixed an issue where blocks attempted to be broken in WorldGuard regions would still drop money even with the event cancelled
- Removed Mod+ from rank list in hub
- Removed Killerteddy

1/14/2019 Update

* Reverted Discord icon back to default
* Disabled snow effect on website and forums
- Removed Killerteddy

1/13/2019 Update

+ Added subforum under Minecraft Modded: "Legacy: Brink of Chaos"

+ Added subforum under Minecraft Modded: "Legacy: ND FTB Trident/Horizons" (read-only)

* Moved redirect subforum to Brink of Chaos update notes under Legacy: Brink of Chaos subforum

* Moved all old Brink of Chaos topics under legacy subforum

* Moved all old ND Modded topics under legacy subforum

- Removed Killerteddy

1/7/2019 Update

+ Added Bug Tracker category: [REDACTED] (for new MC modpack)
+ Added Bug Tracker category: Minecraft Server Bugs (actually existed for a while but wasn't visible since categories were disabled)
+ Added Bug Tracker category: Website/Forums Bugs
+ Added Bug Tracker category: MC Beta 1.7.3 Bugs
+ Added Bug Tracker category: Discord Bugs
+ Added Bug Tracker category: TeamSpeak Bugs
+ Added Bug Tracker category: Other Bugs
* Bug Tracker now uses categories again
* Service field for bugs is now hidden as it is no longer neccessary with categories
- Removed Killerteddy

1/3/2019 Update

+ Added category list to sidebar of Helpcenter

* Fixed various Helpcenter topics from displaying improperly on dark themes

* Fixed several Helpcenter topics using Times New Roman font instead of the theme's font

- Removed Killerteddy

12/31/2019 Update

+ Added CUStatus to Brink of Chaos and Beta 1.7.3

+ Added player counts to Brink of Chaos and Beta 1.7.3 on homepage and forums server info blocks

+ Added timeline events for 2019 (view timeline here)

* Updated to IP.Board

* Fixed forums and homepage becoming inaccessible if MC server status file becomes unavailable

- Removed Killerteddy

12/28/2019 Update - MC 1.15.1 Update

+ Added plugin: ConsoleSpamFix 1.8.1
+ Added plugin: GriefPreventionFlags
* Updated to Paper #31 for 1.15.1
* Updated Dynmap to 3.0-beta 9
* Updated EssentialsX to
* Updated LibsDisguises to 9.8.9
* Updated Holographic Displays to 2.4.1-SNAPSHOT
* Updated LWCX to 2.2.3
* Updated PlotSquared to 4.436
* Updated WorldEdit to 7.1.0-beta-1
* Updated WorldGuard to 7.0.2-SNAPSHOT-dist
* Updated Citizens to 2.0.26-b1790
* Updated AuthMe to 5.6.0-SNAPSHOT
* Updated FastLogin to 1.11-SNAPSHOT-2c7e569
* Updated JumpPads to 1.23.0
* Updated ProtocolLib to 4.5.0-SNAPSHOT
* Relay servers now utilize BungeeCord (Waterfall) instead of manual rerouting via IPTables
- Removed Killerteddy

12/8/2019 Update

+ Added emote: :thonk_hammer:

+ Added emote: :wan:

* Updated to IP.Board 4.4.9

- Removed Killerteddy

12/3/2019 Minecraft Update

+ Add Far and Chirp music discs to VoteCrate
* Disabled Nether/End Portals in Creative to prevent players from accessing unused worlds
* Fixed VeinMiner not working on all ranks
* Update to PaperMC build 233
- Remove 2 shulker boxes from VoteCrate
- Removed Killerteddy

11/29/2019 Minecraft Update

+ Add [View Perks] sign for Member at /warp help
* Made /back a Member perk rather than a VIP perk
* Made VeinMiner access a perk of VIP instead of a Sponsor perk
* Made Carz (/carz) access a Sponsor perk once again (was a Benefactor perk)
- Removed Killerteddy

11/29/2019 Forums Update

+ Added a few new emoticons to forums
* Fixed display of mood: Flirty
* Fixed display of mood: Ban Happy
* Fixed display of mood: Woot!
* Fixed display of mood: Bored
* Fixed display of mood: Mischevious
* Fixed display of mood: Sauna Bathing
* Fixed display of mood: Trash
* Fixed display of mood: Immersed
* Fixed display of mood: Fine
* Fixed display of mood: Lucky
* Fixed display of mood: Goofy
* Fixed display of mood: Busy
* Fixed display of mood: Tired
* Fixed display of mood: Cheeky
* Fixed display of mood: Buzzed
- Removed Killerteddy

11/29/2019 Discord Update

* Archived voice channel: ElDewrito Grifball

* Archived voice channel: ElDewrito Forge

* Archived voice channel: Space Engineers

- Removed Killerteddy

11/28/2019 Update

* Changed homepage announcement block to show latest topic based on Start Date, rather than Last Updated (showing based on Last Updated would cause the most recently replied-to topic to show on homepage instead of the newest announcement)
- Archived #eldewrito channel on Discord
- Archived ElDewrito subforum
- Removed 'ElDewrito' from Servers dropdown on main website navigation
- Removed Killerteddy

11/27/2019 Update

* Fixed all groups having access to VeinMiner - is intended to be a Sponsor-only perk

* Fixed signs in /warp help not being usable

- Removed Killerteddy

11/26/2019 Forums Update

- Disabled guest "Post before Registering" setting

- Removed Killerteddy

11/26/2019 Discord Update

+ Added bot: Carl-bot
+ Added channel: #starboard - Messages with 2 or more starts will appear in #starboard
+ Added category: Carl Logs
+ Added channel: #carl-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-member-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-server-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-voice-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-message-logs
+ Added channel: #carl-join-leave-log
- Removed Killerteddy

11/24/2019 Update

+ Added MobArena map: Stadium
* All MobArena maps now have a 30-second grace period before first wave
* All MobArena maps now require that all enemies are killed before the next wave begins
* All MobArena maps now have a 15-second grace period between waves
* Changed MobArena 'heat' name to 'Heat' so it looks nicer ingame
* Update LibsDisguises to 9.8.4 - fixes player disguises sticking in tab menu until relog
* Update CUStatus to 1.2.1 - stops errors from being spammed out due to MC economy toplist and causing server to take much longer to shut down

* Update DiscordSRV to 1.18.2
- Removed "Modes: MobArena" text from all arenas in MobArena Map Browser webpage
- Removed Killerteddy

11/20/2019 Update

+ Added another 16 eye of ender to Vote Crate

- Removed Elytra from Vote Crate

- Removed Killerteddy

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