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Community Hub

Name 2012 (Old CU) 2016 (Flat/Metro) 2020 (Fluent/Material)
News & Announcements
Suggestions & Feedback
Staff Applications Missing Icon

Server Management

MineCraft Registration
Ban Appeals

Server Discussion

Teamspeak 3 No Icon
Minecraft Modded: Age of Rebirth No Icon
Minecraft Modded: Brink of Chaos No Icon No Icon
Minecraft Modded: FTB Horizons/Trident No Icon No Icon
Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 No Icon
Team Fortress 2 No Icon
Runescape Server No Icon No Icon
World of Warcraft Server No Icon
Other Servers No Icon No Icon
Unofficial Servers No Icon No Icon

Community Discussion

The Den
Introduce Yourself Missing Icon
Sports No Icon
Cars & Vehicles No Icon
Music & Movies Missing Icon
Computers & Tech
Graphics Masters
Tech Support/Help No Icon
Programming Support/Help No Icon
General Gaming
FPS No Icon No Icon
MMO/RPG No Icon No Icon
RTS No Icon No Icon
Streams No Icon No Icon
PC Gaming
Console Gaming
Modding No Icon No Icon

Area 51

Upgrade No Icon No Icon
Premium Zone Missing Icon
Staff Empire Missing Icon
News/Updates Information No Icon
Incidents No Icon No Icon
Admin's Strip Club No Icon
Archive No Icon
Drama Club No Icon

Elaztek Studios-Specific Icons

Discord No Icon
Tutorials & Guides No Icon No Icon
Beta Testers No Icon
Advisory Board No Icon


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  • No Icon - No icon was ever known for this subforum, or subforum did not yet/no longer exists.

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