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ChaoticUnited's Logo Chaotic United was founded in 2011 with a WOW and RuneScape server. Later, it introduced a Minecraft server that would come to be the primary service for Chaotic United from then onward. It went strong until 2013 where controversies of the former Owner were revealed, and the community left to create Nuclear District. In late 2014, Chaotic United was reborn into the world, under a new team of old CU members and, later, former staff members. It later merged with Nuclear District in 2015, and operated with them until their closure in 2016. Chaotic United continues onward, working hard and pushing to create an awesome experience for members new and old, and to bring Chaotic United back to its former glory - and beyond.

As a small, tight-knit community, Chaotic United is ever-changing, continually exploring opportunities for other gameservers. Since 2010 this community has been kept alive by the generous contributions of its members. The community has always sought to reinvest any extra funds into development, and thus it has become a community with enormous potential. We hope that anyone and everyone can find their niche here at Chaotic United.

Community Servers

All of our servers are managed by our staff team! We make sure they are continuously updated with new features and suggestions made by the community!

Active Forums

Our community members gets to discuss about any topics related to gaming or not through our active forums! We also help our members with server related issues through there!

Social Media

We announce news/updates, activity of what's going on in the community, sharing community member's work, etc through our social media platforms! Make sure you follow our platforms!

Our Specialized Team

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