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  • Promotion Policy

    "Hey, I donated on the old Chaotic United! Can I get my rank back?"
    "I had a rank on Hurricane Craft. Do I get anything?"
    "I donated for a rank on Nuclear District's MC Server. Do I get a rank in return?"
    "I was a former Staff Member of ND/CU/HC. Can I be reinstated?"

    All of these questions are asked too often, and thus, this page is created. All of your questions will be answered here.

    1. Refunds

    • If you donated for a rank at any point in time, you cannot be refunded. Once you make the donation, that's it. Absolutely no refunds. Ever.

    2. Reinstatement

    • If you donated for a rank prior to the change of ownership you can request reinstatement if you have proof of your donation. The following are VALID forms of proof of donation:
      • PayPal Email Receipt - You are sent an email when you buy something via PayPal. Please take a screenshot of this email(s) contents and send it to haloman30 or alycat.
      • PayPal Transaction History - You can find a history of all your PayPal payments from your PayPal account. You can also take a screenshot of the donation payment(s) and send it to haloman30 or alycat.
    • The following are INVALID forms of proof of donation:
      • Screenshots - These, while previously accepted, are no longer accepted as of January 2016. Screenshots can be easily forged by setting up a local server and the right plugins and knowledge, and as such they are no longer accepted as valid proof of donation.
      • Word of Mouth ('Yeah he had that rank') - This also was formerly accepted as valid proof, but as of January 2016 it is not. This is because if a user contacts a friend outside of the community to say that they had a rank, they can easily obtain virtually any rank on the server.
      • Owner's/Staff Memory - Even if a staff member or Owner him/herself remembers you having a rank, this is still not enough to get reinstated. This is because a user can login with a cracked client and impersonate an old player who had a rank.

    3. Staff Promotion

    • If you were a staff member on CU before the change of ownership, you are not eligible to be re-promoted without applying once more. No exceptions.

    4. Veteran Rank

    • Since the Veteran Rank has different meaning across forums and the Minecraft server, it will be clarified here.
    • Forums - You must have been a member of the Chaotic United/Nuclear District community for at least one year.
    • Minecraft - You must have been a retired Moderator or above.

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