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Redeeming Codes

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Hey there, player! If you are reading this, you probably found some kind of code somewhere and are wondering how to use it! If this is the case, keep reading. Alternatively, you might have abused the codes system and have been suspended. If that is the case, scroll down to the very bottom. Perhaps you are just one of those people that like to read these kinds of pages. In which case, have at it.

Finding out what type of code you have:
There are varying codes that are used in varying places. You can figure out what kind of code you have by checking the format of it.

Redeeming a Survey Code:
This section requires you to be in a specific world.
You can redeem a code on our store, found at under the 'Exclusives' category. You can buy these as well, but since they are exclusives you gotta have real cash to blow. To redeem your code: Important notes:
Redeeming a Verification (Player-to-Admin) Code:
These codes were created to prevent abuse of codes, such as a user saving a code and distributing it to others. These codes are useless until verified by an admin (currently only haloman30 has access to License/Code management) and then a code is given to you. If you have one of these 6 character codes, simply message haloman30 via the forums to get your single-use code in return.

Legacy Codes:
Legacy codes refer to codes that have a new format, that may or may not still be active codes. Legacy codes may also refer to former codes used in place of store-wide sales.

Code Policy:
Simply put, you MAY: You MAY NOT: When you fill out a survey with your username, it is recorded. When you redeem a Survey Crate Key on the Store, your username is manually checked to see if it is on the list. If you filled out spam responses, your unredeemed key or your redeemed item will be confiscated no matter what. If you chose to remain anonymous you will be asked what you inputted on one of the questions and your item will be returned (assuming your answer to us was at least close to your survey response). We suggest entering something memorable in the username field or elsewhere to verify your identity. If you are a repeat offender, further action will be taken on your account: ​What can I do if I have been temporarily suspended?
- Temporary suspensions are not typically lifted. They are temporary so that you may return to the server in the hopes that you learn from your mistakes.

What can I do if I have been permanently suspended?
- The only thing you can do is make a ban appeal here. Assuming you abused the Survey Rewards system six times, you should have learned by now. That being said you are free to make an appeal as once in a while there are people who just take that many hits to realize their mistakes.

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