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Brand and Domain Information

Home » Brand and Domain Information

On this page, you can find information on various domains and properties we own and/or maintain. You will see various logos (if they exist) as well as a list of all domain names that are part of the Chaotic United Network.

Domain Names

Registration Date Domain Property
2011-04-26 Chaotic United Gaming Community
2014-09-05 Chaotic United Network
2014-02-05 Nuclear District Online Gaming Community
2016-01-12 Elaztek Studios (not a member of the Chaotic United Network)
2015-11-07 United AlyCraft
2016-10-06* Tidal Wave Gaming
2015-10-09 Tidal Wave Gaming
2015-02-19* Hurricane Craft
2015-09-15 MineDNS
2016-06-20* Ruin Community
2015-09-12* Poke-Masters
2017-07-27* Rune Rage
2015-11-17 MineTopList
2015-10-04 Kaos Gaming
2016-02-05 Chaotic District
2014-0?-??* Chaotic District
* Registration date is innacurate either due to domain expiry and re-registration, or due to an unknown date entirely.

Not all brands affiliated with our network have a designated domain name. Brands that are affiliated with, a member of, or have been absolved into the Chaotic United Network can be found below.

In addition, some brands or organizations were once affiliated with CU but have since become independent. Those brands are also listed below.

Domain-Independent Brand List

Brand Name Status Status Updated Date
Chaotic Reborn Absolved/Merged April 23, 2017
The Blizzard Project Absolved/Merged Spring 2017
WindFrontier Seperated, Merged from January to April 2017 April 23, 2017
Elaztek Studios Semi-Seperated, Was formerly a dormant project to be used exclusively under CU, is now independent April 23, 2017
Chaotic Phoenix (Phoenix Empire) Seperated, was partnered under 'The Chaotic Network' with Chaotic Reborn and others, later broke off Spring 2017
KaizerCraft (CyberCraftSG, FrnsSurvival) Seperated, Merged in late 2014, broke off due to various disagreements and disputes - IP obtained by Chaotic United years later Fall/Winter 2014

Various logos have been used to represent these various brands. All relevant logos can be found below.

Chaotic United Logo History

Logo 1 'Toxic'

One of the oldest known CU logos, this logo was used on CU in 2011.

Logo 2 'Green'

In 2012, Chaotic United updated its logo to have a new look - and to sport a new green color.

Logo 2.1 'Blue'

Later in 2012, Chaotic United's new Green logo got a color change back to the original Blue colors.

Logo 3 'Digital'

In early 2013, a new logo was made for CU. It was once again continuing the Blue tradition.

Logo 4 'Graphed'

Also in early 2013, a different logo was used for the new CU website.

Logo 6 'Thorns'

Mid-2013, the new CU website was given a logo refresh.

Logo 6 'Flame'

Later in 2013, Chaotic United updated its logo once again. This time, MikeStardust had designed it and it was used from then on.

Logo 6.1 'Flame HD'

In 2015, Chaotic United updated its logo again. They no longer had contact with MikeStardust, so they remade the logo in HD.

Nuclear District Logo History

Logo 1 'Nuclear'

After Nuclear District broke from the old CU, this was their first logo.

Logo 1.1 'Orange'

This logo was rarely used, except for the ND Donation store for their MC server.

Logo 2 'Bullseye'

In 2015, Nuclear District updated its logo, with a more modern look and an emblem that resembled a bullseye.

Logo 3 'Reactor'

Later in 2015, after the new CU and ND merged, Nuclear District changed their logo to resemble a nuclear reactor.

Logo 4 'Nuclear 2.0'

In 2016, Nuclear District brought forward a new logo that resembled the original logo for ND. This time, it was more modern and used yellow instead of orange.

Logo 5 'Hex'

This logo was planned for a new website update that would never be seen. It sported a similiar color scheme, but was more geometric than before.

Other Logo History

Tidal Wave Gaming

Tidal Wave Gaming only had one official logo - this.

Hurricane Craft

When Hurricane Craft took leadership of CU's website, this was the logo they applied to it.

Chaotic District

In the early days of the CU Revival, it went under a different name - Chaotic District. This was its logo.

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