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Home » Survival

A classic gamemode. This mode has been around since 2011 on CU, and continues to be a main focus even today. Featuring awesome ranks, McMMO, Jobs, and staff-held events, this mode has never been better.



The primary ranking system for our MC server will see some of the more interesting perks here. With things such as item spawning, flying, disguises, and so much more, what's not to love? Plus, doing so helps us out big-time.


A long-standing feature to aid in giving more substance to vanilla survival, this feature adds various skills that can be leveled up during playtime, new abilities to take advantage of, and more!


If mcMMO isn't enough, you can get a job! Jokes aside - this feature, in similiar fashion to mcMMO, gives your more skills to develop and as a result you are able to earn ingame money by doing so.


Periodically, the staff will host events in Survival. These range from minigames like Parkour and Spleef, to more intricate puzzles and other sorts of things. They are generally hosted at /warp event.

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