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Minecraft in its purest form. Throw yourself into the past with our Beta 1.7.3 server. Where most Beta 1.7.3 servers are born and die off in burts of nostalgia, our server is made to last. Running on a proper host, we provide a 24/7 experience for those seeking nostalgia - even if it is just a small niche.

Due to the high amount of griefers that would come, and the inconsistency of rollback plugins, mandatory registration has been put in place. If you wish to play on the server, complete the brief registration form by clicking the "Register to Play" button below. If you also play on our main MC server, this will also unlock the Member rank, giving you a handful of cool perks there as well.

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Want a bird's-eye view of the Beta 1.7.3 server? Check out the livemap - which shows the real-time positions of players, and a top-down view of the whole world.

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World Downloads

We don't believe in "deleting" old stuff. While we do periodically reset some worlds from time to time, we always take great care to ensure that the previous worlds are never lost - but are instead permanently preserved by putting them up for download. If you'd like to explore one of these old worlds, you can grab any of them here.

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Discussion Forum

Want to see what the community is talking about? View past discussions or start a new one on the Minecraft Server subforum.

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Grief Protection

Keep your stuff safe. You can use Residence to claim an area of land, and LWC to keep your various containers - such as chests and furnaces - safe and sound.


Want to become the richest player on the server? You can earn money from mining ores and creating your very own shop!

Server Shop

Want to obtain some blocks that are normally impossible to get? Check out the server shop at /warp shop.