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The incredible mod for Halo: Online. Featuring an advanced Forge mode that rivals the official games, a server browser, and the classic Halo experience - all for free - you'd be nuts not to give it a spin. CU hosts several servers for ElDewrito - see below for more details!


The easiest way to connect to any of our servers is to use the server browser in-game. Just search for 'Chaotic United' and you should find the servers show up!

If the server browser doesn't work out for any reason, you can direct connect by opening the console (~) and running this command:

Just replace <IP> with the IP of the server. Say if you wanted to connect to our Grifball server, you'd do:

And that's all there is to it! See you on the battlefield, Spartan!

Our Servers


Feeling like screwing around? Our Forge server is one of a kind - utilizing a modded gametype via an old mod from the Halo 3 days, we managed to get dedicated 24/7 Forge up and running. There's also a "Tiny Forge" variant, where players are 10% of the normal size, in case you want to give that a go.


See that ball in the middle? Get it to the enemy goal. Our server has 2 game variants: Grifball and Reach Grifball. Reach Grifball contains Sprint and Assassinations, while Grifball does not. In both cases, its a ton of intense and addicting fun!

Big Team Battle

Two massive teams stand against each other. BTB is a fan-favorite, relaxed mode designed for casual yet crazy fun. Featuring large maps, vehicles, and tons of action, it's something anyone can get down with.

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