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Guest MollyMugger

Forgive Me?

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Guest MollyMugger

Hello Nuclear District Staff & Members. Im Jamplifier/Josh_3210


1st Im sorry for multiple accounts on your forums. My posting was disabled on  my main therefor no way of me to post this.

Im 13 (still) and have been getting into professional Starcraft 2. There is probably still a lot of tension between me and the players here but I don't mind. I just want to clear my name of all wrong doings.


To start off I have nothing to do with "Chaotic United" As said in Kendevs Weekly Update #3. Any content about my Old Community Tidal Wave Gaming on their website has nothing to do with me. I sold my domain and IPB license to various people and one of them was the owner of the Retards United Community atm. I 100% agree with kendev and tried to explain that to their current staff but they blindly ignored me and will see in the future what I mean.


Hopefully there won't be much of my drama anymore as I do not own nor do I intend on starting any new service that will most likely fail once again. As I stated before I have gotten into Professional Starcraft 2. I was accepted into a Pro Team and will be travelling very frequently for Tournaments, Lans and Other Competitive Events sponsored by my team.


I also hope you don't delete this post lol. Im just explaining my current state and hoping you accept me in nd not as a burden but as a normal player of the community.


Love your bae <3  

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Lol I think your posting on your previous account was disabled due to the "Mike-ening", if you wish to use that old account instead please do tell so I can fix you up.


But it's nice to see that you've found your place in gaming, we'll forgive you for previous actions but please keep in mind that I'm a dickhead and like to slap asses.

Also if you stream every now and then add yourself: :)

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