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[Late]Assassins Creed Black Flag Short Review

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I just got ACIV (i know its late but it was on sale, 20€ fck yea) and i thought that i should type a small review for it.


Platform played on: PS4

Time played: 4-5 hours


First of all i'd like to say that this controlls way better then any previous AC games, the addition of pirating is just amazing although i feel like they couldve done more with it. Anyway pretty much like all other Ubisoft previous games i enjoy the story more then any other games, very original and mysterious. It leaves you with a feeling that you wanna know more about this part of history wich is a plus point for ubisoft gaming: Creating interest in an age/culture you would never thought of.



As i said, good evolving story deviden in a few sequences, 12 to be exact. Although i like the story as it is, in my opinion there was a bit too much of 'tutorial' in it in the first 3 sequences. I dont mind them but i dislike the fact they take so long to have experienced everything the game provides.



Side-missions and collectibles.

Other then assassin contracts, naval contracts and Templar hunts there isnt really that much to do as side-missions, they are fun and enjoyable but to less...

Collectibles on the other side, enough on the entire map to be busy for days finding them all: Burried chests, random chests, chantings, fragments, etc... too much to list.



Gameplay + Graphics.

Simply amazing, i dont need the highest quality of graphics to enjoy a good ass game. I cant say more then amazing.



To shorten this short review i would say 1 thing: Go try it if you havent already, money well spent.

Total score:

8.7/10 on the scale of Kendev.


I hope this convinced some people to play,



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Guest KooladeCaprisun

Borrowed this game from a friend of mine a while ago, it's a pretty good game. You're right, getting all of the collectables is tedious lol

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