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While our Valheim server is generally intended to offer a vanilla experience, we do permit use of certain client modifications. If you're wanting to use a mod while playing on the server, check below to see if it's permitted. Use of non-permitted mods while playing on the server will result in either a temporary or permanent suspension from the server, depending on the number and severity of violations.


Cosmetic Mods

Cosmetic mods are mods which do not alter gameplay in any way, but simply adjust the look and feel of the game. For instance, VHVR (allows playing Valheim in VR), first-person camera, texture and sound mods, and so on. As a general rule, these mods are almost always permitted - provided they do not also include gameplay modifications.


Gameplay-Altering Mods

Gameplay-altering mods are mods which change or add functionality to the game. In most cases, these mods are not permitted - however, a handful of specific gameplay altering mods are specifically allowed.


The list of allowed gameplay-altering mods are as follows:

  • Unrestricted Portals - Allows for any item to be transferred through portals - including ingots and ores.
  • Plant Everything - Allows for additional trees, crops, and plants to be planted with the Cultivator.
  • FarmGrid - Adds a grid when planting with the Cultivator, ensures that crops will always have sufficient space to grow.
  • Floating Items - Causes items to float on water, preventing them from becoming lost underwater and unobtainable. (may not always work properly on the server)
  • Equip Multiple Utility Items - Allows the use of multiple utility items simultaneously, such as the Megingjord belt and the Wishbone


If there is a mod that isn't on this list and that you'd like to see allowed, ask! If it's something minor, or addresses an issue that is an almost universal pain point for most of those playing, it could end up being allowed (though this won't always be the case, of course).

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