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Chaotic United - 1.18.1 Update!

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Hey, everyone - we've officially updated our MC server to 1.18! If you want to explore and experience the update firsthand, you can hop on right now and join. If, however, you'd like to get a full breakdown of what's changed with this update (and also in the time leading up to it), keep reading.


World Resets & Spawns

As planned, Survival and Semi-Vanilla have both reset for 1.18. This includes economy, ender chests, inventories, and of course the worlds themselves. Benefactor world and any items in player vaults have been preserved - so you can rest easy that those items are safe. And of course, soon we'll be getting the worlds put up for download, including the 1.16 versions of both worlds in addition to the final 1.17 versions.


Survival has been given a brand new spawn - as it was desperately needed. The previous Survival spawn got some flak from a few users, and rightly so. It was a bland, boring, simplistic spawn that was rushed together to get the update out the door. This time around, we planned ahead and started work earlier - so that once all the technical stuff was in place, the spawns could be dropped in and configured.


The other new spawn area is for the Hub - featuring an appropriately themed cave spawn. A lot of the aesthetic for this spawn was actually inspired from an old CU spawn from back in the day, though with the designs being updated to take advantage of newer building techniques and to look/feel like a modern build.


Semi-Vanilla, while it did undergo a reset, retains the same spawn as before - as we feel that it didn't quite get enough time in the spotlight. That, and we simply ran out of time to get a new one finished. Whoops :lmao:


That's right - the day has finally arrived. Factions has returned (once again) to Chaotic United! The original Factions plugin hasn't been updated past 1.12, so we had to find an alternative plugin - as such, it may take some getting used to. If there are any major bugs or issues, let me know so I can investigate it further. Otherwise - have fun!

Survival (and Semi-Vanilla) Changes

Random Teleports

The range for /rtp has been reduced from 3000 (5000 in Semi-Vanilla) to 1750. The reasoning behind this was simple - some folks tend to build extremely far from spawn - perhaps not even bothering to see what spawn even contains. This can sometimes result in Survival and Semi-Vanilla feeling more like singleplayer with chat rather than a proper multiplayer experience. I briefly considered dropping /rtp outright, but after polling the staff, the votes were overwhelmingly in favor of keeping it - so I've instead opted to reduce it's range a little bit.


Near the end of the 1.17 Survival world, we introduced a feature called Vaults. The idea was to have a means for players to save a few items between resets. While this may be unfortunate news to many of you - we've made the decision to leave Vaults behind. This means that your items in the Vault will not be accessible in 1.18. After further consideration, having a way to start people off with potentially valuable gear goes against the entire point of increasing difficulty and encouraging playing - after all, why work towards better items if you start out with the best stuff already?


Durite will be briefly unavailable in the world early on (outside of the vote crate) - we plan to bring it back soon better than ever, by having it generate automatically in the world (both above and underground), as well as having it be the first custom blocks introduced into the server using our new plugin that allows us to create custom blocks.


Changes to Rank Perks

Following results from a community survey, as well as some internal discussion with the team, we've decided to make some adjustments to several of the perks available in our donation ranks.


Let's get one thing out of the way - nearly all of the perks remain available as before. A few of the major ones have had limitations imposed in an effort to balance them somewhat, without removing them outright. We're gonna try this out for a while and see how things go, and adjust things as needed.


Something else that I want to clarify - while we don't currently plan to remove the perks outright - if we do ever decide to do so, we will be offering refunds for a limited time after the perks are removed to those who wish.

Death Chests and /back

Only two perks have been removed outright - one of them being a relatively recent addition, and the other not having been a paid perk for over a year. The new Death Chests feature has been disabled for all ranks. Along with that, using /back on death has also been disabled across the board. It can still be used after teleporting, but it cannot be used to return to your death location. In addition to some buggy behavior with Death Chests, their existence and the ability to use /back after death almost entirely ruin the challenge of death ingame. These features may or may not return at a later date, but for right now - they're gone. This applies both to Survival and Semi-Vanilla.


Additionally, there are now additional limitations to several other major perks.

Item Spawn

There are now two limitations added to the use of /item - a cooldown timer, and a maximum item spawn limit per day. Using /item will require a 10 second cooldown between each use. Along with this, /item can only be used 50 times per day.


Along with those use restrictions, the following items have been added to the item spawn blacklist, and as such, can no longer be obtained with /item (excluding Chaotic rank, which has access to /gamemode regardless):

  • All Diamond Armor
  • All Diamond Tools
  • All Netherite Armor
  • All Netherite Tools
  • All Iron Armor
  • All Iron Tools
  • All Gold Armor
  • All Gold Tools
  • Iron Ingot
  • Raw Iron
  • Iron Nugget
  • Iron Ore
  • Deepslate Iron Ore
  • Raw Iron Block
  • Gold Ingot
  • Raw Gold
  • Gold Nugget
  • Gold Ore
  • Deepslate Gold Ore
  • Raw Gold Block
  • Golden Apple
  • Enchanted Golden Apple (Notch Apple)
  • Golden Carrot

God Mode (/god and /mobgod)

God mode and Mob god can both only be used for 1 hour per day (once again excluding Chaotic since they have Creative mode). After this time has elapsed, they will be disabled and cannot be re-enabled for the rest of the day. While playing with either of these enabled, you will receive periodic reminders informing you of how much time you have left.


Old Forum Topics

For those unaware, a little while back I started manually porting forum topics from the old Chaotic United forums into the current forums. Most topics were lost for good, unfortunately - however, a handful were captured in part or in full on Wayback Machine, and they all contain enough data to where I can reconstruct them in the current forums. The only caveat, however, is that all of this has to be done by hand. Each post in each topic must be manually copied and pasted, with care taken to ensure formatting is preserved, and then each topic and post must have the author name manually set and the post time manually set as well. Even with the tiny amount of posts and topics, it's a monumental task and is about as tedious as it sounds.


I made some good progress, but lately I've been slacking. Copy/pasting dates and times got old after a while, so I'm taking a break to focus on more pertinent server features and improvements. Be rest assured - I will be returning to this project to finish the job soon enough.



As some of you may have heard, we've begun planning out the long discussed RPG features that will be gradually making their way into Survival. We've planned out the rough plotline of a main questline, along with some of the core mechanics.


Over the coming months, you'll start seeing some of these mechanics be introduced piece by piece. We'll be listening for feedback as we do - tweaking things as needed - and eventually, once all the pieces are in place, we plan to create a main questline that aims to be unmatched by other MC servers - both in story, and in presentation. We hope to be able to create a truly engaging storyline that people can come to love on its own - rather than a story that exists purely to service gameplay mechanics.


We intend to create something that's truly fun to experience and play - and doesn't feel like a chore to get through. We'll be taking cues and nods to Chaotic United's past - as the storyline is (loosely) based on Chaotic United's real world history. Who knows - we might even pay homage to some older CU hallmarks, both inside and outside of Minecraft - if you get what I mean.

Wrapping Up

2022 is looking to be an exciting year for Chaotic United - we've got some stuff coming down the pipeline that will hopefully turn this thing around and begin to take us to those heights we've been aiming at for so long now.


As per usual with major updates - odds are, something is bound to be bugged out or broken. If you find any new issues, let me know or report it on the bug tracker.


For now, folks, that's all we've got. See you folks on the server, and stay tuned - we've got a lot of good stuff coming down the pipeline.

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