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Valheim Server Info

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What is Valheim?


Valheim is a viking-themed survival/sandbox/RPG game that (as of writing) is still extremely new. Despite being in early access, we've gone ahead and set up an official server for it!


If you're looking to grab Valheim, you can get it for $20 on Steam:


Server Information


At this time, Valheim doesn't play nicely with DNS IP addresses. When it does, you'll be able to connect using Until then, the server IP can be seen below.

Server IP:

Server Password: <join discord to obtain>


Currently, the server is password protected - in order to ensure that random folk can't join and start obliterating everyone's stuff - or join in and start cheating aggressively. Normally, we'd have some kind of plugin or server feature to allow for land claiming - but since the game is so new, there's no real custom server software like Bukkit for Valheim as of yet - and there may not be for some time. You can find the password by checking the pinned messages on Discord in the #valheim channel.


Server Rules

Server rules can be found under "Valheim Server Rules" on our rules page:

  • Do not grief or otherwise destroy/alter other player's builds without permission
  • Do not bring cheated or otherwise illegitimate items into the server
  • Do not join the server with an inappropriate, profane, or racist character name

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