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Hi I'm Grizzly! IGN:GrizzzlyAdams.  Found this community by chance!  The MC server I was playing on has not been very active the past few years and now there was a hardware failure :(

So here I am.

I like to build Mazes as some of you have already witnessed. I also would like to build a puzzle game of sorts, that will take a bit more time than a maze though.  

Favorite theme to build is medieval so if there are any cities in need of some part part time help I would be willing.


Some personal stuff:

I am married with 4 kids. I am a special education teacher. I am also in graduate school atm.  So I may not be as active as some of you younger folk haha. But I try my best to log on when I can!


I hope to get to know this community and be a part in making it better!


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Hi there! Glad to have you with us! I'm pretty sure I've tried your mazes and failed ahahaha. Have fun and enjoy your stay!

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