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Abandonment of CentOS 7

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As Users have been noticing the significant decrease in server performance and technicians have been struggling to patch an openssl and openssh exploits. We have decided that CentOS 7 has become unreliable for our current server environment and are abandoning it  today at 5:30PM CST in favor of Mageia 4.1. 


This will significantly decrease the complexity of configuring the servers and will be up to date and will improve performance.


The Server should be up before 7, but I'll say 7:30PM just to be safe.



This is in attempt to improve performance and decrease downtime.


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Everybody probably realized that the installation took longer then expected. 5 Hours off from what I expected.


After I finished last night I realized that the Distribution I meant to use was Mageia 5 (which is currently in beta) and I used Mageia 4.1


I've really made my reputation in this community go down, like I'm the bad guy who wants to cause as much server downtime as possible. That or I suck as a server technician. I admit I have caused alot of downtime and without my presence last week everything ran smoothly with a half hour of downtime. The reason for that was that the server wasn't being hosted on the same machine. I put it on a temp server due to me running out of time to configure decent administration capabilities while I was gone. So I got out another server that was was configured already and could take many hits without compromising much time while I was away. The only downside is that in the house it is extremely loud. Since nobody was in the house, that wasn't an issue. But immediately after I got back I had to finish configuring the server (Which I did). However the lack of any administration of the server console was an issue so I've been working on securing OpenSSL and OpenSSH to prevent any catastrophic damage exploited by SSH. I spent 2 days trying to configure it, which had many hours of downtime between or whenever I broke OpenSSH. For those who don't know, if you try to remove OpenSSL or OpenSSH you break the Windows system for CentOS. I didn't know that until the server crashed last Saturday. I attempted this a couple of times not wanting to abandon CentOS 7, but I didn't want to compromise our security. So I took the hit yesterday and caused more downtime to install Mageia. 


But Yesterday was nothing more then walking around in circles trying figuring out why I was getting a kernal error, turns out that Rufus (The Program I use to mount ISOs) didn't work with Mageia and I had to use a program I never used before. But before I figured that out   I tried doing it on a different machine and got the same results.


Once I figured that out I had already wasted at least 3 hours.

Here is the time log of Yesterdays Maintenance

Downloading ISO's (1 ISO three times) 2nd Caused by Mounting Error and 3rd out of suspicion of the ISO being corrupted:

1 Hour and 30 min

Mounting ISO's with Rufus: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Hardware Maintenance: 45 Minutes (Because some cables became undone, but I couldnt figure out which so I had to unplug and plug everything back in.

Debugging Installation/ Time Wasted Over incorrect installations: 4 Hours

Actual Installation: 50 Minutes


As a result of this, I will be taking the server offline once again at 10: 30PM or earlier (Probably Earlier Like 6:30) Since I am familar with Mageia's installation process and now know how to properly mount the files this update shall only take an hour and 30 minutes maximum.


Probably won't believe me and I don't blame you all for that.


The server will not go down until after the ISO is mounted, properly.


The only other downtime that I can think of past today is the one on Friday where I have to migrate the DBServer from the VPS.



Michael/ AwakenedRage

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