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Reintroducing (Again) - Moods!

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Hey folks! A little thing we've once again reintroduced - moods! Now it's a bit different than before, in a good way - we promise.


In the past, moods were generally not looked at too fondly, and this quote from an old announcement draft from Alex sums it up quite nicely:


On 4/3/2016 at 4:18 AM, Alex said:

Just look at that gorgeous sidebar, there is a sleek font, a nice circular avatar, some information nicely presented, an elegant rank, modern awards, and a ♥♥♥♥ing old ass looking emoticon that's there just so that people can have a gag at lelele I'm ape with an annoying flipping animation.


Why did you have bring moods back...


Sorry Alex, moods were my idea back then. Forgive me :loveheart:


The old moods were incredibly out of date. Even the modern default ones feel pretty out of date. If you aren't familiar with them, check the spoiler below for a few examples.



Old Moods

Apelike.gif Chatty.gif Goofy.gif


"New" Moods

Giddy.png Happy.png Puzzled.png


As you can tell - the old moods are horribly dated, and even the newer ones that come with the moods application feel dated (or maybe that's just me).


In either case, we've decided against re-implementing the old ones exactly as they are - instead, we've given our new moods a facelift! Not all of the old moods have been reintroduced, as a lot of them were kind of superfluous and unnecessary. That being said, a fair number of the originals are still here. Along with that, we've added a few of our own too.


If you have any idea for new moods that you'd like to see implemented, let us know! Additionally, you can check the spoiler below for all the moods that didn't make the cut to be updated. If you want to see any of them return, let us know - we'll add them back too.



Non-Updated Moods

Shocked.gif Scurvy.gif Psychedelic.gif Predatory.gif Pensive.gif Paranoid.gif Notworthy.gif Mondayblues.gif Mellow.gif Hungover.gif Fiendish.gif Doh.gif Disagree.gif Depressed.gif Daring.gif Curious.gif Coldturkey.gif Cheerful.gif Chatty.gif Brooding.gif Breezy.gif Bashful.gif Apelike.gif Alienated.gif Aggressive.gif Blah.gif Bitching.gif Yeehaw.gif Veggedout.gif Twisted.gif Sunshine.gif Snobbish.gif Sneaky.gif Sick.gif 



This feature isn't a huge deal, but we think it was a nice little addition to the forums back in the day and got a bad name due to the dated design of the moods. With our new set, they fit seamlessly into the rest of the site design.


That's all we've got for now, though! Keep your eyes peeled as the update to 1.14 is ever so slowly approaching!

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3 hours ago, Alex said:

That quote is absolute gold. How'd you even dig that back up 😂


It was in one of the staff topics, I believe the News/Updates Info regarding moods being added. I had to go dig that one up again when we did this lmao

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15 hours ago, alycat said:

I've always liked moods


Ye moods are cool - just the original designs are ancient and look really out of place when sat alongside the rest of the modern and clean design.


That's why they got a much-needed facelift before their reintroduction :^)

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