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CU Updates #26 - New Helpcenter, Homepage Update, and Dark Theme Fixes

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Hey, folks! Some new things to talk about today! This time, all about the lovely CU website.


As of now, we have retired the old CU helpcenter in favor of a new one (which may or may not be based on the one Elaztek uses).


Our old one was pretty clunky in both looks and usability. It was generally just not that great. So, we've opted to migrate everything to a brand new helpcenter, integrated into the forums rather than our main website.


Some topics (in particular, ones that aren't really standard articles) have not and likely will not be migrated over anytime soon. However, you'll still find links to them in our new helpcenter. The old helpcenter and any links that it contains are now considered legacy and as time goes on will be further and further out of date.


You can check out the new helpcenter by clicking here.


In the first draft of this announcement, that's all that happened. But then, something else happened - the homepage got a slight facelift. Not a huge change, but if you check the homepage, you'll see the latest announcement topic featured right there, along with the image and other basic information about it. Cool, right?


Lastly, our dark theme got all the new banners added to it because it turns out I forgot to add them to it. Better late than never, right? 😅


That's all for now folks! We can't share many other details just yet (though you should keep your eyes peeled for some news soon), but 2019 is shaping to be a big year - a truly defining year for CU. You may also notice several staff in Discord in voice (in private staff channels) around 3PM Central, as we're doing a staff meeting today - the first in a while. There's also some other neat things in the works behind the scenes besides that as well - details of which we hope to share soon.


But, for now, that's all I've got. See you folks soon!

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