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Beta 1.7.3 Server Ranks

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[Donate via MCMarket]
[Griefer] - This group is used for minor grief offenses. You will be unable to break or place blocks and will have to make an appeal.


[Member] - This is the default rank upon joining.

  • /bal - Check your balance
  • /bal <username> - Check the balance of others
  • /baltop - See the economy toplist
  • /pay - Pay other players with ingame currency
  • /ignore - Hide chat from other users
  • /tpa & /tpaccept - Teleport to other users
  • /tpahere - Request other users to teleport to you
  • Create and use chest shops
  • /mail - Send and receive mail
  • Post URL's in chat
  • /suicide - Take your own life
  • /rules - View ingame rules
  • /motd - View ingame MOTD
  • /spawn - Teleport to spawn
  • /home - Create, delete, and teleport to homes
  • /warp - Warp to server warp locations
  • /kit tools - Get access to free starting items
  • Unlimited LWC chest protection
  • /sell - Sell the item in your hand for the price in /worth
  • /worth - See the default monetary value
  • /list - See all online players
  • /afk - Set yourself as AFK
  • /msg - Send messages to other users
  • /help - View ingame help


[Advanced] - Given upon donating for Donator on the main server (5$)

  • All permissions from Member
  • /me - Access to /me emote
  • /repair - Repair your failing tools
  • /nick - Change your nickname in chat!
  • /back - Return to your death point upon dying
  • Fly mod permission - You will be allowed to use zombe flymod in survival


[VIP] - Given upon donating for Platinum on the main server (25$)

  • All permissions from Member and Advanced
  • /heal - Heal yourself when you are hurt
  • /god - Become immune to damage
  • /item - Spawn items
  • /spawnmob - Spawn most mobs anywhere, at will


[Helper] - Given by the Owner/Managers

  • Helpers assist the server by managing tickets, and helping the noobs get around.


[Moderator] - Given by the Owner/Managers

  • Moderators are the ones who keep everyone in line. 


[Mod+] - Given by the Owner/Managers

  • This rank is given to Moderators who have been proven trustworthy. These Moderators usually do a little bit more than moderate, but don't do any major management on the server.


[Manager] - Given by the Owner

  • These guys manage the server in many ways. Either via interaction to the server console or files, or physical access to the server, or providing other elements that Chaotic United would be dead without. Respect them. They deserve it. These people truly earned their title.


[Owner] - Reserved for Haloman30 and Alycat

  • This rank is for the current owner of Chaotic United, Halo. Starting September 2014, Chaotic United was slowly restructured. As time went on, a solid foundation was laid for the new and improved CU. Despite attempts of DDoS attacks and further actions to try and halt this, Chaotic United has returned and continues to grow to this day.


[Founder] - Reserved for Killerteddy1

  • This is the founder and creator of Chaotic United. Despite things he did to help kill CU, he still contributed to the legacy and neither ND nor CU would exist today without the work that he did.

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