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The Relaunch


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  1. 1. How should the Relaunch be approached?

    • Keep it safe, keep it consistent, keep the relaunch separate until it's all done.
    • I can handle some restarts and hiccups on the server. Give it to me the instant you can!

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Hey everyone!


As mentioned in this topic, we have been working hard to relaunch CU once again. The general plan has been to put all future server features aside for this relaunch. Any new gamemodes, improvements, and so on would go into this relaunch of CU. With one main caveat:


The existing CU server would receive minimal support in terms of bug fixes (except for critical ones), no new gamemodes, and so on. Many modes have been suggested. SkyWars, GrandTheftWool, TheRedCore, and so on. So, I want to get your guys' feedback.


I want to present an alternative progress plan for this relaunch. There are currently two options:


1. We continue to stock all features for the Relaunch in order to create a perfectly polished, tested, and fleshed out experience.


2. The Relaunch is effectively cancelled, and the features planned for it will be worked on, developed, and made live as soon as they are available on the main server.


"But wait, Mr. Halo! Are there any caveats to number 2? Because wow it sounds like the obvious choice!" Yes there are. Let's go over all the pros/cons of these two options.


Option 1:



  • Better ability to test, work on, and finish the server
  • More flexibility for potentially "crippling" bugs to occur without risk to existing server data
  • Better ability to create a fully polished and continuous server experience


  • Main server will continue to not get as much focus as work is done for the relaunch




Option 2:



  • Main server will continue to get main focus
  • New bugs will be fixed sooner rather than later
  • Features will be available as soon as they are playable


  • More server restarts due to broken/faulty configurations and plugins
  • Extreme lack of polish and continuity across the server experience
  • Potential risk to existing server data


So, lets elaborate on a couple of these points. How is there any risk to server data at the hand of this development?


To put as simply as possible: When we develop new server features, there is a large testing process, and typically not a large pool of testers. Some plugins that are added (such as 'hub items' for instance) that need to mess with player's inventory data will always create some level of risk of player's inventory data. What if it applies the specific hub items across the entire server, and people lose the items that are in specific slots? What if their entire inventory is lost upon an issue with a minigame? These are just a few examples - and these are just limited to player inventory data. These are risks that always have to be considered and we must always be extremely careful when developing new modes in realtime on the main server - this is partially why there has been a lack of gamemodes over the years - every time we try to implement it, it doesn't work properly, and we just toss it out in order to prevent server problems for the players we have.


By keeping everything on a seperate relaunch server, these concerns are null and void. There is no data to preserve as its all reset anyways. 


"Okay then, so Mr. Halo, what's the point of this post if you're just going to make a case for the decision you've made?" The point is this: some of you guys may be content with the server as it is, and may not care that new features be developed all the time. You may not care about the occasional bug or two, as they are minor annoyances at most. You may prefer a more stable experience rather than new features being added the instant they're ready to go. Or, maybe you hate that idea. Maybe you'd rather have these features immediately and don't care about a risk to your inventories or random and potentially frequent server restarts.


The point of this topic is for me to give you guys the chance to tell me. The point of this topic is for you guys to tell me what you think. If you really want the relaunch called off and the features to be developed on the main server, and you don't want to wait months for the server to be finished (still no set date, sorry folks). Maybe you're fine with it. I have no way of knowing, and I figured I should at the very least present the opportunity to let you guys give your feedback on the matter. If the majority of you would rather have things released as a bulk update (the relaunch), then we will do it as planned. If you prefer that these features be added as soon as possible, we can do that too.


The choice is yours.



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The poll is now being closed, as the vast majority have spoken - keep the relaunch as planned. As such, this is what we are going to continue working on.


Thank you to all for participating! <3

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