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The Great Downtime

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Howdy All,


You may all have a lot of questions regarding what has happened the past couple of days with the website and this post is to address all the concerns. First off, yes, we were having issues with our old webhost Host1Plus. Although we will not be going into details about the error, we can assure you that no data was compromised and that the site was only unavailable for a short period of time. Many have messaged me asking if the other fake CU was behind it. We were able to determine that a scripting error and a combination of a backup running at the same time caused all resources to be depleted. But even so me and Halo took into consideration how crazy the high ranking staff of the fake CU servers are and wanted to be prepared if they were to start such an attack.  Our new Webhost has many differenes from H1P and we made sure to make the necessary changes to the configuration to ensure that you have a good experience. This webhost is DDoS protected and has staff monitoring the servers 24/7, so the likelyhood of anything going down is very low. All of our services have some sort of DDoS protection as of today. We are sorry for the forums for being offline for most of this week, but we very well think that these new additional measures were well worth it. 



- The forum now uses PHP 7

- The Forum now uses additional methods of caching.]

- Apache now optimizes the website and compresses data sent for faster latency.

- Moved to a new web host. 

- Deported Alycat....

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Also if you start having any issues on the site let me know. The latency should be good now, but DDoS protection is an new factor here. But it shouldnt be that noticable (Like 1 second)

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