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MC Beta 1.7.3 Gamemode vs. Server

Beta 1.7.3 Server/Gamemode  

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  1. 1. Gamemode or Server?

    • Standalone Server
    • Integrated Gamemode

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Hey everyone!


Another server poll today, also regarding a future mode/server. The last couple days, me and BlarFlargen have been doing some stuff with a Beta 1.7.3 server which later became a gamemode within the existing server. The issue is that the gamemode within our main server is not a true Beta 1.7.3 experience, however is a sort of blend between modern and classic MC.


The poll here simply asks which you prefer more: an authentic Beta 1.7 server or a Beta 1.7-like gamemode? The standalone server will be true and authentic but will have the drawback of being cut off from the main server, and will also require players to /login and /register due to older Mojang auth servers being no more. This however does mean that cracked users are able to play (though I don't believe there are any left).


Alternatively, we can have a gamemode within our current server. This will be close to Beta 1.7.3 and will utilize a custom plugin to generate old terrain (including FarLands) however will have the drawback of not being 100% true to the original gameplay. It is fairly close in that there is no hunger (it is locked at 6 to disable sprinting) and eating food regenerates health instantly. It's other benefit is that it is seamlessly tied into the existing server infrastructure and players can change to another mode as they desire.


We cannot come to a conclusion internally so we figure it's best to let you guys decide! Cast your votes! And, if you haven't voted on our other poll, head here and check out the other poll involving new gamemodes coming to MC in the future as well as this one.



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Personally, I think if we want to do this and do it right, we should make a standalone server. It gives it that completely different feel that an intergrated server really won't. With the intergrated server, you're just right next door to 1.10, but with a separate server, you're in a completely different place altogether. It really gives it that nostalgic feel and we wouldn't have to spend time working on a classic version that is as close as we can get it to a beta feel.

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1 hour ago, DovahTaco-KingOfNinjas said:

But how will we draw players in? Who would want to spend time playing an outdated version of Minecraft on a server, AND have to /register, and /login. 


People who believe that newer MC sucks and are really nostalgic. Which there are more of than you think.


This server/mode isn't really being built to be some giant thing but is more of a niche thing for people to enjoy.


Server on its own will have /login and such but most people who prefer those older nostalgic feels wont mind it purely because it gives them a chance to play old minecraft again.

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