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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! A couple things have been happening as of late. First off, we have been doing a lot of stuff on our YouTube channel as of late. Namely, livestreams. The CU livestreams have been given the name "Chaotic United LIVE". I have been doing these streams on a daily basis so far, but don't expect that to keep going so frequently after school starts back up. Typically I will be on the Discord #streaming voice channel when streaming, but other times I may be in regular channels as well. On the streams you can expect to see some of the following: - Behind the scenes details on the Relaunch/Test server, as well as CU as a whole - My dad who, if you aren't aware, is universally loved by mostly everyone on CU who knows about him - Unfiltered, uncensored, and uncut voice chatter of me and other staff and players - Contest and Giveaways (planned for the future) - And more! The streams are a fun time for all involved - you can check them out here. Another bit of news is that we have obtained the old CU Twitter Account (@ChaoticUnited). I had the idea to see if it was under a email address and sure enough it was. I created the email account, reset the password and now it is ours. However, now we have a bit of a dilemma. That old Twitter account has not been used since the old CU days. I made a few tweets on it last night but overall it is a very old account and is a sort of time piece. Our Twitter (@ChaoticUnitedMC) is newer and while it hasn't been terribly active, comes from the newer iteration of CU. I want to ask you guys which one we should use. We could kick the old Twitter back into life, or we could swap the account usernames, or any number of things. The main reason for changing it off of ChaoticUnitedMC is because CU is becoming more than just an MC server as time goes on and it would be better if we had a proper social media account that was just ChaoticUnited. I have attached a poll - be sure to give your vote! We will also be discussing this in staff, so once we get your feedback we will figure something out.