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Found 3 results

  1. haloman30

    6/4/2020 Update

    + Added plugin: PGGrifblock + Added plugin: CUMobArena (replaces old, buggy MobArena plugin) + Added plugin: CustomHeads + Re-added plugin: DynMap + Added plugin: WitherAntiCheat + Added plugin: WorldEditSUI + Added MobArena map: fword + Added MobArena map: Hopeless + Added Grifblock map: Sorting Area + Added Grifblock map: Island (has very topical easter egg in the water) + Added Grifblock map: grifword + Added SurvivalGames to /play menu + Added Grifblock to /play menu + Added Grifblock to website minigame map browser + Added Hopeless to website MobArena map list + Added SurvivalGames to website minigame map browser + Added SurvivalGames and Grifblock to Gamemode list on Minecraft page on website * Reduced VeinMiner vein values to reduce lag when using VeinMiner * DYNMAP IS FINALLY BACK (and has been for a bit but this changelog is late af) * Replaced old, buggy MobArena plugin with a custom-coded upgrade by @Windwhistle * Builder can now create Craftbook mechanics in Builder world * Command Blocks can no longer be placed by regular players * MC Rank perk lists now mention additional plots per-rank * Disabled NDParkour built-in protection as it created unnecessary lag (WorldGuard protects the maps just fine) * Member can now use /heads in Creative to spawn custom heads easily * Creator and above can use /heads in Survival * Spleef and Archives are no longer listed as [New] in /play menu * Any user with WorldEdit can now toggle the selection UI by doing /wesui toggle - Disabled Craftbook 'Snow' mechanic to fix players being unable to gather snowballs - Removed plugin: MobArena - Removed Derek Chauvin - Removed Killerteddy
  2. Howdy folks! We've got an exciting announcement today! We are officially launching two new minigames: SurvivalGames and Grifblock! SurvivalGames So, yeah. If you've been playing on the server for a bit, you'll know that SurvivalGames has technically been playable for a while now. We wanted to wait for an official launch in order to ensure that all the bugs were worked out. As far as we can tell - things are working as intended, and thus, we're making it official! A handful of maps are currently available, the details (and a screenshot) of which you can see here: If you don't care about any of that and just want to get playing, head to /warp survivalgames and go wild! Grifblock Grifblock, however, is brand new - and you won't find it anywhere else. At least, within Minecraft. It's a recreation of Halo's popular Grifball gamemode, but within Minecraft! With the power of the Bukkit API, we've got working Gravity Hammers, Energy Swords, and a small selection of maps at launch. You can find the full list at the link below. The maps Sorting Area and Island may look familiar to you, as they are remakes of two of our Grifball maps from the old ElDewrito server. We plan to get the other maps from ElDewrito rebuilt as well - so keep your eyes peeled for those, which should be done relatively soon™. This plugin was hand-crafted by none other than our very own @Windwhistle. Not only did he make Grifblock, he also recoded the MobArena plugin from scratch - both to allow for new features as well as to make the gamemode finally stable. Show him some well-deserved love! Or else. Full Grifblock map list: Dynmap Yes, the rumors are true! Dynmap has returned to Chaotic United! Not all the worlds are fully rendered out yet, but Survival should be ready for viewing - with the others coming, as usual, soon™. Nothing much more than that in terms of the livemap - you can check it out at Well, that's all we've got for now, folks! No extra stuff this time around, just keeping things short and sweet and to the point. Stay safe out there, folks.
  3. We have had posts like this before, but things have changed a bit behind the scenes - as well as having a nice boost in player counts since then as well. No fluff or anything, just vote on your gamemode and we will get it added! Additionally, we are planning on expanding servers as well. As with the gamemodes, go ahead and vote on a server as well! The one that gets the most votes will be looked at next!