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Found 12 results

  1. Hey, everyone - I've been writing and preparing the 1.18 update announcement draft, and there's a lot of detail about a specific change that's coming that could end up having larger ramifications for Survival and Semi-Vanilla going forward. The change is that, starting with 1.18 - Creeper explosions, TNT, fire spreading, and other natural griefing will be enabled in unclaimed areas. This will not affect claimed areas by default, so if you have a claim on a base - you have nothing to fear in this regard. However, this topic is largely unrelated to this specific change, but rather a broader topic of the challenge (or lack thereof) of Survival, and how potentially the premium perks offered by the various server ranks may actually be harming the overall experience rather than helping it. The Catalyst The catalyst for all of this was an experience I had on another server. While it's exceedingly rare for myself (and other staff) to play on other servers, there's no rule against it as long as they aren't staffing on that other server (in stark contrast to the old days where playing at all on any other server was an automatic demote, or worse). You see, I've spent a bit of time playing on the oldest anarchy server in Minecraft, 2b2t. It's generally known to be a bit of a hellhole, a place where hacked clients are commonplace, the chat is toxic, and virtually anything goes. While most of this isn't particularly appealing for most players, I realized after a few days that it gave something that I hadn't experienced in quite literally years of playing Minecraft - investment. What do I mean? Well, when I was killed or otherwise died with valuable gear, or died in pursuit of some specific item, I was frustrated - sometimes very much so, especially because death usually meant another hour or two walking down the nether highway in my case. However, I was also invested. Death actually meant something, and there was a genuine challenge. After playing with perks, even the minor ones like /back and /fly - it was both frustrating, but at the same time, refreshing. I actually cared if I died or not while exploring. I was cautious about what I brought with me. I took great care and caution when exploring, rather than just running around willy-nilly carefree - as one death could cause me to lose some valuable items. It's that investment and risk of losing what I worked for that made it matter. When I can fly around and spawn my stuff back in, or turn on godmode and be unkillable, nothing really matters as much. If my goal is to build something, then this works great. But once my creative energy runs out, then suddenly I find myself not playing for months and months - and now I think I finally understand why. It caused me to reflect on the current state of survival, and something that I can't help but realize after all this time is that the challenge and difficulty of virtually all of our survival offerings have been all but stripped away. So, let's get into it. The (Lack of) Challenge By registering, you get to do /back immediately upon death - which means that, unless you died in lava or by multiple explosions, you maybe lost some XP, but that's it. By playing long enough or by donating, you get to fly around and away from danger, spawn in nearly any item or tool, enchant any item, and put yourself in godmode. You can open your ender chest or a crafting table just from a single command. Virtually all of these perks have been constant staples of the survival experience, only being stripped away in Semi-Vanilla, and even then - a select few remain, like the crafting table and /back. Hell, we just introduced Death Chests into Survival - which again, sound great on paper - but are yet another way that the consequence of death is nullified. Increasing in rank effectively turns the Survival experience into something completely different - it turns it into effectively Creative mode with extra steps. Something that might have made a lot of sense back in the old days, where a creative gamemode wasn't available on CU - but seems to make less sense today, and something that I am starting to realize may actually be causing some significant damage to the overall experience. Now, some of you might be thinking "well just don't use the perks then, easy". Unfortunately, it often isn't that simple. While yes, players can choose not to utilize the perks they paid for or earned - if you had a full kit of enchanted diamond gear and died with it all, are you going to tell me that you wouldn't be the least bit tempted to /back to get it all back in an instant? Or if you were working on a large-scale base, you wouldn't just spawn the blocks in rather than spend hours or days gathering it all? Or that you wouldn't just use WorldEdit to cut away the land rather than dig it all out? Some people can resist the temptation. Many cannot. Many more wouldn't even consider resisting, as after all - that's what they earned or paid for, so why wouldn't they use it? The fact that the perks and benefits of a rank have to be actively ignored in order to make the experience more satisfying should've been a red flag from the start, and in retrospect it seems kind of crazy that it took me playing on 2b2t to see the harm it causes. And everything I just listed is entirely separate from potential EULA concerns, or reputation concerns about the server being "pay to win" - but that's a whole other can of worms. It's never been my intention to violate EULA outright, or to create a truly pay-to-win experience. I actively despise P2W mechanics in other games and think they have no place. Thus far my justification has been that since Survival isn't really competitive - with pvp and other things being disabled by default - that it isn't really pay-to-win, as there's no real "winning" state. I still mostly believe this, however on the same token, there's undeniably an advantage in creating large-scale bases or massive creations when you can fly, spawn in the materials, and WorldEdit things in. And while this technically doesn't matter from a competition standpoint, if someone busts their ass as a Member to gather up the materials and work hard on a base for weeks, they can be rapidly outshone by someone who played a while or paid some money - which could absolutely be discouraging to them. However, at the same time, I recognize that there's somewhat of an audience who enjoys the perks that are on offer. There are a handful of you out there who enjoy being able to fly around and build whatever, whenever. And while we introduced Semi-Vanilla as a way to escape the ranking system changes, most of the player activity continues to remain in Survival. Which makes sense - why play on a separate world, that fundamentally has the same features except you can't use the cool perks and benefits? And for non-donating players, why play on a world where not as many people will see your builds and creations? It's going to be a tough balance to strike, and one that won't be hit overnight. What it Means I'll be continuing to explore options to help reduce the effects of these perks - primarily their negative impact on gameplay. My hope is that I can find a way to maintain the current perks in a way that allows for them to continue to exist, but where they don't ruin the experience for players. I don't yet know whether or not this will be possible. Maybe I can find a magic bullet or two and everybody wins, or it may come down to having to start making tough decisions about what perks are offered going forward. I don't know what the future holds for the current ranking system. It's the first time since the start that I wasn't sure where things were going to go. You can breathe easy for the time being as there are no imminent changes, but I'll likely be having some talks with both staff and community members over the coming months to help me inform where we go next. What I can promise is that, in the event that the powerful perks start being stripped from the ranks, there will absolutely be some form of reimbursement given for those who donated for them. I cannot say specifically what that would entail (as I'm not even sure if the perks will even change to begin with), but I do know that I wouldn't feel right taking away what people paid for and not offering any sort of compensation after the fact. Once again, though - it's likely to be quite a while before any changes actually come - and you'll have plenty of notice before they do, if they do at all. If you have any feedback on any of this, please do share it - as this feedback will help me decide how to go forward. Keep your eyes peeled, folks, as there will likely be more to say on this topic soon.
  2. Hey, everyone! As you've probably guessed by the title - Semi-Vanilla has returned! Unlike the original iteration of Semi-Vanilla (which, if you weren't around then, was more geared as an experiment), this time Semi-Vanilla will be remaining as a permanent feature of CU's server going forward. As with the original server, most of the cheat-y perks from the various ranks are disabled here. The only perks you'll get are cosmetic perks (things like /nick, /me, etc), with the only exception being that all Donation ranks will have access to /craft. The goal is to create something that's relatively close to vanilla survival, with a few comforts added in. You'll be able to claim land and create shops - as well as earn money from mining and killing mobs. Additionally, we've introduced a brand new hub to the server as well to go along with this change. Feel free to explore the hub and spawn - they're some of the best spawns we've brought forward in a while, as they were built by our build team - the same team that brought you most of the newer minigame maps as well as the Teddy Dungeon. That's all we've got for now - I won't keep you waiting. Go check out Semi-Vanilla! As usual, if any issues come up, let us know or submit a bug report. Otherwise, have fun!
  3. Version 1.0.1


    This is the Survival world that CU used from 1.15.2 until 1.16.1. Due to issues with 1.13 chunk generation, the world was "soft-reset" during its lifespan. This is the version of the world that was used after that reset. The reset took place on April 4, 2020. You can read more about the reset here: You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Survival world that CU had from 1.13 until the soft reset that took place in 1.15.2. Due to server crashes of increasing frequency that were all related to chunk I/O with this world, we opted to do a soft reset of survival where any users who requested that their build be copied over would be manually transferred. The new world uses the same seed and has identical terrain to make copying/pasting people's builds easier. The reset took place on April 4, 2020. For more details on the reset, check the related announcement here: You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.
  5. Version 1.0.1


    This is the survival world used during 1.10 and 1.11. It was created after the 2016 relaunch and was used up until the 2017 relaunch. The spawn structure for this world was removed to prevent usage of the spawn in other servers, but all player builds are intact. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.
  6. Hey, everyone! Remember that poll we did a few days ago? Well, taking the poll into account, we've made our decision and CU is now introducing a brand new server - a Semi-Vanilla server! So, what is this server exactly? This server is the pure Minecraft experience. There is an economy system in place, as well as grief protection, and other basics. There is going to be a single donation rank - VIP, for the same price as the main server's VIP rank: 10 dollars. We will also be having time based ranking make a return as well - more details on that later. There is no McMMO, Jobs, or anything of the sort - it's essentially the core MC experience as it was designed. Additionally, there are NO donation ranks that feature things like /item, /gamemode, or /fly or any other such perks. The perks for VIP will be as follows: Semi-Vanilla VIP Perks List The goal of the server is to create an experience where all players are equal, a fair playing field. Along with this server's implementation, we've introduced BungeeCord again (and a hub that may look familiar to some of you who were around in 2016). The main purpose of implementing BungeeCord is to advertise this server separately from the main MC server. Now, this may not end up sticking and we may end up migrating the server into the multiworld setup with the main server, it just depends how things go. Until then, the servers will be isolated and you can switch between them by doing /hub, /main, and /sv. What does this mean for the main server? Nothing! All the ranks and their perks are remaining the same. In fact, we have lifted the restriction on /item - which means you can spawn to your hearts content again! The main server will continue to be our primary focus, and will receive the most attention as always. Even so, for any players looking to try a more pure Minecraft experience (or just wanting to play uninterrupted survival with your friends), we encourage you to give our new server a whirl! Bungeecord? Yes! You can connect to either server straight from the other. There is no cross server chat or message capability at this time due to several issues that we found while doing so, including problems with Discord integration as well as other problems that took more away from the experience than anything. There will be a portal in the main server hub to the left of the Survival portal that will take you to Semi-Vanilla, and the hub server will have portals that lead to both servers. Additionally, forced hosts have been setup which will allow you to connect to any server via IP. The primary IP, or will take you to the main server, will take you to Network Hub, and will take you to the Semi-Vanilla server. Why all this? Why not just make the existing Survival mode be like this instead? A few reasons. The biggest reason is previous donators - several people have donated specifically for the advantageous perks like flying, itemspawn, and so on. Taking these perks away is, in our eyes, the same as basically stealing. People paid for their abilities and they deserve to keep them. Additionally, we felt that doing it this way would be better suited on its own server in order to bring in people who, say, don't want to be in a giant server with tons of stuff - but just want pure Survival. This gives people a way to get introduced to the community and eventually explore the other server on its own. What about advertising? Not much to say yet, but I am likely going to end up with a job by the end of the month - which could open a few doors. Can't wait to see you guys on the server! We hope you guys love it, and we're excited for the ever brighter future of CU!
  7. Hey everybody. The time has come. Chaotic United has relaunched! Let's go over some of the big changes! No? Well, for those of you who have no interest in reading the post, check the info directly below. Below that is the actual post. MC.CHAOTICUNITED.NET 1.12.x Backwards compatiability still works, so you can still play on anything from 1.4.7 to 1.12.2, though it is NOT recommended. NEW GAMEMODES We have introduced MobArena! After being on the request list for a good while, we finally managed to introduce MobArena. To start off, we have 3 maps and we plan to expand and add more as time goes on. The first map is called Heat, a nether-themed map built by myself along with some help from @*-=(Jayden)=-*. The second map is called Ruin, which is a map built off the first CU revival survival spawn (2014) made by @AimWicked. The third map is a modified version of the survival spawn area from CU back in Beta 1.7.3 (2011, not our current beta 1.7.3 server). Additionally, we have introduced The Arena - a PvP-focused gamemode. Like MobArena, we have 3 maps to start with and we will be introducing more maps as time goes on. The first map is called Beaver Creek, which if you couldn't tell, is a map from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2 remade in Minecraft. It was built outside of CU and the original map can be found here. The second map is called Tomb, which is a map from MCUniverse that was formerly only referred to as Quake. It is a small map and is designed for close-quarters encounters. The third map is called Labrynth, which is derived from an old thing that @alycat built a long time ago, but better spaced out and better adapted for arena gameplay. The Arena is not complete. We plan to expand upon this mode as time goes on. We plan to introduce SurvivalGames, SkyWars, and other lesser-known modes, some of which will be exclusive to CU. PARKOUR UPDATES Our parkour plugin, NDParkour, has recieved some updates as well as having new maps added. The plugin itself now stores each player's checkpoints and remembers them, and will reject unlocking the same checkpoint twice. This was particularly an issue on larger, vertical maps that just went up and up. If you were to fall down and land on an older checkpoint, you were suddenly set back a huge margin. That will no longer happen anymore. Additionally, there is now an Easy, Normal, and Hard mode. Normal mode is how the plugin has operated in the past. Easy mode operates by allowing you to set a checkpoint at any location, but cuts your award down to 25% (1/4 or 0.25x, however you want to format it). Hard mode gives you 10x the award you normally would, but disables checkpoints entirely. In addition to the various changes that have been made to the plugin, we have a few new maps. You guessed it, 3 new maps. The first one is Oasis, a parkour map set within a mountain wall with a shallow pond of water. It was built by myself with the actual parkour layout being made by @*-=(Jayden)=-*. The second one is called Sandstorm, which is set within a desert. Once again, the main parkour layout was built by @*-=(Jayden)=-* with the map styled and prettified by me. The third map is a simpler map, called EndParkour, which has an End-style theme. It has a strange uniformity to it.You guessed it. @*-=(Jayden)=-* made the core map, with the map prettified by me. Additionally, an older map now known as MagmaParkour has finally been expanded upon. Instead of 3 short layers, the original vision for the course has been realized and it is a crazy tall course. It's also worth a fair chunk of cash, so keep that in mind too. WEBSITE UPDATES Our website has recieved a facelift. We wanted to keep it still fairly similar to the previous website and keep it familiar, but at the same time bring a noticeable facelift. You will notice some new animations as well as some updated page designs. The timeline page looks a lot better than ever before, and most of the website now works better on mobile. Mobile navigation is now a separate menu instead of an awkward emulation of the main navigation menu. The helpcenter index looks much better and now has individual icons for each page. Additionally, the icons are more obviously links. FORUMS UPDATES We have added some new features to the public on our forums. We are introducing Blogs for public use! As a regular user, you are able to create blogs and add entries to them as you desire. In the past we have been using Blogs internally for our update changelog. Now, you can manage your own, too! Additionally, we are now launching our Download center! Our vision for the download center is to foster an environment for content creators, inside and outside of Minecraft, to share their content and, eventually, be able to monetize them if desired. We are still working out the kinks in this system, and we will make an announcement later when we have more definite figures on it. THE FUTURE This update is not the final stage of the server. Now that we've finally launched, we will be working to test things better with you guys and expanding the content further, and here soon we will start our advertising campaign. All of us have been working pretty hard (the admins especially) and so we will be taking a little bit of a rest break in between now and then. We've worked very hard to help create a truly awesome experience, and to finally begin to push to a new frontier in the future of Chaotic United. Lastly, for those of you who submitted survey results thus far, you will be sent your crate key codes via Discord, or if that fails, via forums. We will be posting survey results soon! That's all for now folks. We want to thank all of you for sticking with us this far, and we hope you can stick with us going forward into the future. View Full Update Changelog The Chaotic United Team ----------------------------------- haloman30 alycat AwakenedRage 16dbaxter esponshadow1 Blizzardbball
  8. Hey everyone! Something that has sort of been an experiment of sorts for a while is now finally being released to the public - CU's Beta 1.7.3 server! "Do what? A beta 1.7.3 server? Y tho" - You see, for so long, I have seen many of these Beta 1.7.3 servers pop up for a bit, then a month or two later, they are gone - never to be seen again. I discussed this on a recent livestream, but allow me to reiterate some of my thinking here. What I think happens is that when someone creates one of these servers, it is all done out of sheer nostalgic feelings - feelings that don't last. They whip something up quickly on their home PC, post an IP on MinecraftForums or PMC, and play for a bit until they get bored or tired of doing it, and then bam. That's the end of it. I have opted to bring this server to life to counter that, and to give those seeking some nostalgia a place to go. As time goes forward, and as our main server expands and grows, this server will continue to be left as it is for those times when someone just wants to play old MC online. Even if that time is short, we will be here for that brief period. Enough banter, what's the server like? The server, being on an older MC version, is a fairly simple server. It is aimed to recreate the old days of MC survival in its purest form. There are some enhancements, however. ChestShop and an Economy system are in place to add just a little bit of spiff to the experience. In addition, there are several ranks on the server. Member, Advanced, and VIP. You can find out more about those ranks and the staff ranks here. How can I join? You can join the server by going into the launcher, setting your game version to old-beta 1.7.3, and connecting to CU Launcher That's right folks! We have developed our own in-house cracked launcher. It is fully capable as a Minecraft launcher, but there are a couple things you should know. Premium authentication is not currently supported Using this launcher will clear your existing login data in the official launcher. Again - do not use this launcher if you are Premium. These are all things that we plan to fix for the official release. As the topic title suggests, this is an open beta test. There may be bugs and other issues. If you find any issues, report them to us immediately. You can grab the launcher here:
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is the world that CU used for its survival gamemode in Minecraft 1.8 (2014-2015) In the early days of the CU revival, there was a rather...slow update process. The server began on MC 1.7.10, and this world continued to be used after the update to 1.8 - resulting in some areas of the map where new chunks were generated with the new world generator due to biome changes. It was not until the update to MC 1.10 that this world would at long last be retired in favor of a clean slate. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.
  10. Version 1.0.0


    This is the world from the ND survival server. This was aimed to have a much different focus from the previous MC server, as it was meant to be a core survival server. During the runtime of this server, CU merged with ND. Eventually, this server was closed, and the world was made available for download. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.
  11. Hello members of Chaotic United! If you have been with us recently (before ND closed down) you know that we took our MC server offline to do some work, as seen by this post. We didn't say a whole lot as to what was being done to the server. Today, Chaotic United is officially relaunching! Let's get right into the updates. Website The website has seen a good number of changes recently. First of all, there is a new theme selector. We have done some minor edits and facelifts to the old visual styles to bring them more up to date and make it feel more like Chaotic United. In addition to that, we have a theme designed to replicate the visual appearance of Nuclear District's website. For those that prefer the older and somewhat broken themes, they are available under a tab titled 'Classic Themes'. The old theme options are also still available, however due to the way they tend to cause noticeable visual errors they have been moved into a legacy tab. You can still poke with them if you desire but please keep in mind that the website from here on out will not be designed with those options in mind (and frankly have never been designed with them in mind to begin with). In addition to the look and feel of the site, we have some new pages! First off, the Forums tab has been renamed to 'Community' and is now a dropdown. Within it is the old forums link and a new Twitch Feeds page, also inspired by Nuclear District's website. Any Twitch streams that you guys post in the Streams forum that are continuously active, or any Streams we think you should take a look at will be added to that page. Additionally we have an About page that serves as a basic information page and also replaces the old Staff pages. The old staff pages have been moved into a 'Legacy' tab for those who wish to view them, however they will no longer be updated. With a similar layout and design, a Veterans page has been added that memorializes old legends of CU and the staff at ND. Lastly, a new Credits page has been added that has various credits of all the people or groups that had a hand in CU's history, as well as people who have contributed to the current iteration of CU Minecraft.. Minecraft The MC server is of course the main reason you guys are here. Let's get right into it. The most immediate change is that we have finally updated past 1.8! We are officially on 1.10! One bug that has been noted, you should not use 1.10.2 (1.10.1 is untested) as it causes a bug with our anti-cheat plugin and walking on certain blocks will cause it to think you are no-clipping. To prevent the bug, please use base 1.10. In terms of gamemodes, we are launching with Creative, Survival, and SkyBlock. We have a PvP focused gamemode in the works, but we decided to work with it post-launch as to get the server online sooner rather than later. Every single world has been given a brand new spawn. Some things are inspired from past creations, but this time around the builds themselves are brand new. For quite some time, we have been reusing pieces of old spawns or entire old spawns with some sloppy worldedit block filters. Ultimately, it was kind of neat and nostalgic at the same time, but for this relaunch we really wanted to give CU a fresh start, a clean slate from the mess of a server that existed in 2014-2015. Introducing: CraftBook! Some of you might not have a clue what this is. Those of you who do know what it is, are probably excited. It allows for a heap of new changes and tweaks to the game to expand it. Custom crafting recipes, gates, doors, bridges, and so much more. Some of the mechanics are only allowed in survival, and will show a 'You don't have permission to use this mechanic' message in other gametypes. As per before, we will continue to expand the MC server as time goes on and as new features are requested. Lastly, if you have yet to do so, you are invited to the Chaotic United discord server! If you are from ND or wish to keep in touch with original CU members that are not around anymore, check out NARA. Happy Minecrafting, The Chaotic United Team
  12. Hey guys, I realized in survival we should be able to protect our houses with a plugin, because earlier today X6er just flew in my house and placed a lot of tnt and a lever, but he didn't blow it up. In the future though, I want to feel like my house is protected. Here is one for 1.8.1: Thanks.