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Found 1 result

  1. Howdy folks! Just a quick announcement today - in typical fashion, at 4AM. I know there's been a lack of information lately on our update to 1.14, and well - turns out that 1.14 Spigot wasn't such a minor upgrade as we'd have hoped. Hopefully this doesn't continue to be a trend with future updates. (pls mojang) As such, while this update is pretty small as well, we figure that any news is better than none. As of today, our test server has been updated to 1.14.3! And even better, most essential plugins are in fact up-to-date. A few are still broken, but the primary modes are all functional on at least some level. Additionally, I want to propose a question to some of you out there: would you be interested in a different take on the current modded MC server? Currently we do have Brink of Chaos, but it's not exactly known for being stable or easy to run. I can't promise anything whatsoever as there isn't any sort of Forge/Bukkit server software - the closest thing that exists is Sponge, but it's still a fundamentally different software that doesn't follow any of the same rules and may not have the same level of feature support as the current server. Along with that, we actually tried to construct a sort of "successor" modpack to Brink of Chaos, but it suffered from some pretty awful memory problems - far worse than Brink of Chaos. However, if this is something you guys would be interested in us looking into further, we can try to do so.