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Found 2 results

  1. Hey, folks! Since our December survey has been concluded, we are going to go over the results now. In total, 9 users participated in this survey. Thanks to all of you! If you submitted a survey and did not get a code, contact me and I will get your code. Survey Responses First off, let's talk about what modes you guys want to see. The top picks were Survival, Creative, SkyBlock, and Parkour. The top 4 picks are all core modes of CU, and have been present for a while now. Behind those, RPG, SkyWars, and MobArena were voted for. RPG is currently a project we have going on behind the scenes, and has been mentioned a few times before. We will keep you guys updated as that starts to come together. MobArena also made it in at the last minute for MC. SkyWars is something we've wanted to do for a while, but sadly we are having some trouble finding a proper plugin for it. That being said, we will keep you guys posted and we will continue to look into these. Of these, the big winners were mcMMO, Jobs, and random loot chests. So far, mcMMO and Jobs were both in, but loot chests weren't able to make it in (yet). We have some ideas, so stay tuned for that! Quests and /warp event both scored fairly well, both of these being ideas we want to explore in the future. Quests is an uncertain one due to an RPG server basically taking that role, but as with the chests - we have some ideas. /warp event is basically where periodically, the staff will host an event within the server (mostly in Survival) with some kind of award tied to it. These were common on old CU, but have fallen out of favor since 2014. We may end up looking into these however. Vanilla survival and an Auction house were both not really wanted (among those who voted). The overwhelming winner in this scenario was another modern MC server, though I think in retrospect I should have added a "no more servers" option. Followed closely behind was a modded server, with everything else falling in line behind that. We already have both of these, which seems to mirror the current server structure anyhow. Not much else on that. We got some fairly positive feedback on our Beta 1.7.3 server. Of those of you who played it, most of you rated it a 3 and a couple of you gave it a 5/5. A fair chunk of you didn't really vote on this (or just had no real opinion of it) due to not playing, but really, the point of that server isn't to bring in huge mountains of people anyways. Lots of love for Brink of Chaos! Most of you voted a 4 or a 5, but one of you voted 2 . I suspect this is largely due to the steep performance requirements of the pack, but I can't say for sure. Whoever voted for that, if I am incorrect with my assumption, do let me know why it is you voted the way you did! Generally, we had positive opinions on our main server. A lot of you voted 4 or 5, with a few of you giving it a 3. Honestly, for a server that was pre-relaunch, I was expecting worse. Good to see a lot of you guys are enjoying it! Now for the good stuff. This is an interesting one. Based on the chart above, you would think that TTT would be the winner. However, we held a similar poll on Discord of just this question, and we were met with different results. As you can see, CS:GO was actually the winner in this scenario, with TTT being at the very bottom. However, looking back at the original chart again, we also notice that CS:GO is split across 2 options, which if combined result in a 5 - which is above TTT. That being said, the results there are much closer than the total annihilation that CS:GO did to all the others on the Discord poll. In either case, we do actually have a CS:GO server now. You may recall back when the failed merge occurred, we had a CS:GO, ARK, and a couple other servers. When Elaztek started up, those servers got moved over to Elaztek. The CS:GO server as of now is basically a shared server between the two, which are on much better terms nowadays. You can play by connecting to The 3 big winners of this were story-driven games, puzzle games, and games that bring you to their knees with absurd difficulty. Behind that came power fantasies, then MMORPG's, and then everything else. The reason we asked this will become clearer as time goes on. You'll see. I had to edit this graph in Photoshop, because Google Forms decided to shove it into multiple pages - hence the 2nd page thing beneath the actual votes. The ones you see are the ones on the graph. Most of you picked that it didn't apply, or "I still play". Two of these are clearly trolls, so let's ignore those. Some said that you didn't have time to play games anymore - the sad truth. Life is that big thing that comes in the way of your game time and some people just don't have the time to play MC and invest hours and hours into building things anymore. Others said that they just got bored of Minecraft itself - and sadly, there isn't a whole lot we can do in this case either. If you are bored of MC itself, the core game, all we can do is offer other services and do different things to encourage you to remain within the community (which are continuing to make an effort to do). Others of you voted that you were just embarrassed to play a "kids" game. I understand feeling that way, but let me offer a thought - I am 18, many of our players are 16 and several are in their 20's. Other large servers are run by adults or at the very least people with mental maturity. On top of that, our community is very loose when it comes to adhering to any sort of PG-13 nonsense. So don't be embarrassed! If you want to play MC, don't let the opinions of others prevent you from doing that. For those of you who have seemed to find another server, the top reason was a variety in gamemodes. Behind that, it was a tie between there being more to do, someone who has some beef with the CU community for being "cancerous", and someone who seems to not be very fond of Alycat. We are always working on improving our selection of gamemodes - which, thus, leads to there being more to do. The issues with the community and with Aly, unfortunately, aren't issues that can exactly be "fixed". So I'm sorry that those of you who picked that feel that way. Not gonna lie, not a lot of useful stuff here. Ignoring the trolly/uncreative/funny stuff, there is one real suggestion among this. Map resets every 7 months - nice that you picked up on my love for the number 7, but even that can't really convince me of this. Our build team isn't exactly huge, and creating an entirely new set of spawns every 7 months just gets exhausting and just isn't feasible. Prizes for being on top of leaderboards is an interesting one, I like this. Parkour is something we already have - however we may do some "one time" maps for /warp event. Not sure what trivia is, nor do I know what you mean by "make factions better". Whoever suggested this, I would appreciate if you elaborated a bit, I am intrigued by what you may have in mind. Also, can I just ask: who in the world just put "Yes". You said yes, you had ideas - but you seem to have forgotten what the ideas are. ._. Anyways, I want to give a huge thank you to all of you who participated in the survey! While some of the feedback make take time to implement, it is never forgotten and it is always taken into consideration when we discuss what we want to do to expand and improve Chaotic United. Have a great day everyone! And remember to check out our MC server if you haven't for a while. We just relaunched at the very end of 2017 and so far 2018 has been incredible! We are continuing to expand and improve MC with each passing day. Also I had to re-do this entire post because somehow I managed to send the "back" command to my browser with some kind of obscure key combo or something, so that sucked. Anyways, have a good day everyone! - The Chaotic United Team
  2. We made it guys. On September 5, 2014, I started this revival of Chaotic United, and shortly thereafter Alycat joined and made critical contributions to the project. And despite recent events and previous issues between me and Alycat and with Windwhistle and WindFrontier, Alycat and I continue to work together on making CU great again. Setback after Setback... Many setbacks have hit CU, the worst one happening just recently where several staff retired and went over to Elaztek Studios and several players also left. Along with that, Wind also has left us and has returned to WindFrontier as well. CU has been very chaotic (no pun intended. well, sort of) since this WindFrontier drama began. Several policies and rules are being updated and implemented to prevent future events similar to this from happening again. The events that transpired caused 3 months to be wasted for both CU and WF and has caused a lot of heartache for both myself and for Alycat. At first things were manageable, but as time went on Aly and I became increasingly miserable butting heads and being enemies. It wasn't right, we were close friends who understood each other better and more deeply than anyone could even begin to comprehend. As time went on, I continued to feel more and more powerless and more and more hopeless for the future of Chaotic United. Not only because of losing my partner since almost day one, but also because CU continued to make no progress despite making the "important" decision to remove Alycat from CU. We went nowhere, we began to boast more servers, but these servers did nothing to grow population. On top of that, Blizzardbball was demoted off the team entirely due to "immaturity". While I agreed that some punishment should come to him for what happened in CU's staff and admin discord channels, I did not feel that a full on demotion was at all called for. What I think doomed any cooperation with Wind/WindFrontier was the fact that we simply disagreed on too much stuff. Wind insisted that Alycat was a toxic and cancerous human being and extremely immature, where I thought that Aly was simply not the most mature person on the planet and didn't demonstrate the best attitude at certain times. Based on various external factors in Aly's life, that attitude was excused. Wind believed that Blizz's raging at CS:GO would annoy newcomers, and that he was overall immature and thus unfit for the position. I disagreed and others as well, stating that Blizz raging was going to be found funny more often than it was going to be found annoying. For example, see the spoiler below: Wind and I simply disagreed on the general direction that CU should take and numerous other decisions. It ultimately led to the events that took place several times, with us eventually leaving WF behind. As time went on and we remained with Wind/WF longer, the more damaged CU was going to be left in. Had Wind and them stayed in CU longer, it's hard telling what would have happened. I may have never gotten my friend back, CU may have shut down MC in favor of something different entirely. I may have lost all of my drive to keep CU going and either handed it off to someone else or shut it down entirely. But thankfully, nothing of the sort happened. Wind left and refused to return, Blar had already left. Michael wanted to start Elaztek and thus the door was gaping wide open for Aly to return. I know that some have questioned, "If halo knows that so many people dislike Aly, why bring Aly back in the first place?". The simple and not-so-cheery reason for it was not just that I wanted my friend back, but even more because there was no reason not to. Had I not done such, Chaotic United would have been rebranded into Elaztek Studios and the CU we know and love would be gone forever. And with me wanting to keep CU going, get my friend back, and continue my journey here, it was really a no-brainer. Elaztek was then presented as a place for people to "escape" from Alycat should they be unable or unwilling to tolerate Aly any further. Aly is not part of Elaztek Studios and while it has a different goal and ANYONE is welcome (and encouraged) to join it, some may prefer it because of the fact that it has the same team that CU has had for a while (including all of those who left besides Wind) and many of the same active users. But at last, here, on Chaotic United's 6th birthday, we are leaving the chaos behind and we are leaving WF behind to continue to help CU grow and expand - the right way. Not by throwing away those close to you in the hope of a few players, not by allowing what some may consider corruption to enter the high ranks of CU. We want to grow in a natural way that builds a healthy community, built around caring about each other and being friends with each other, not built around hating former staff and admins and owners. Some Changes Several changes will be made to CU. Some policy changes to prevent future WF incidents will be made to the Terms of Service and the Community Guidelines. In addition, we are actively seeking out new staff members to help fill in the void left by those who have left over the course of the past few weeks. And of course, we are looking into new ideas and features to add onto our MC server. In addition, all News and Announcements relating to WF and CR that were posted during the back and forth have been made public for you all to go back and read, as while it was a dark portion of our history, it is a part of history that we all know happened - and it will be remembered as we move forward. If we do not remember history, we forget it. And those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. And this particular instance is something that we must never repeat again. Along with that, with Aly coming back, Chaotic Reborn has merged back into CU - as it should be. Other splinter communities have also re-merged back into CU just as they should have been. Blizz has been set to Moderator which is what I consider to be a more sensible punishment for his actions - a demotion, but not a total demotion. Future Outlook Despite what you may have heard over on Elaztek Studios, CU is not being "left to die". This outright lie has been perpetuated by some folks that don't entirely understand the situation, or by those who simply believe that Alycat will be the downfall of Chaotic United. What IS true however is that I will not be as active as I have been for a little while as I am doing a lot of work to start Elaztek Studios up. I think that moving forward, we will be moving to expand beyond just MC server hosting as we were going to do beforehand. We have lost several servers due to recent events, however as mentioned before, these servers gave us no real traffic. I will be doing a lot of work on Elaztek Studios for a while, however I will not be simply leaving CU in the dust. Wrapping Things Up To top things off, for the next 72 hours we are having a 50% off sale on everything in the donation store, for anyone looking to get an upgrade at a lower price. We have a lot of plans being discussed internally despite all of these recent events so stay tuned, everyone! Happy birthday, Chaotic United! The Chaotic United Team ------------------------------------ haloman30 alycat 16dbaxter Atomicbeast101 esponshadow1