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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, everyone! We've done a few upgrades/changes to the forums as well as our Discord server. First, let's start with the themes. We've changed the default theme to Chaotic United - 2020. You may not have noticed, as besides some minor tweaks, it's largely the same as the 2019 theme. Typically we wouldn't create a whole new theme for such a relatively minor change, but considering that these changes do make some fairly broad changes to the inner workings of the theme, we figured it's best to keep the original one separate for anyone who may wish to opt-out of the changes (because more options are always a good thing). So, what did we change? Well, you might notice the little paintbrush icon to the left of the search box. If you click that brush, a dropdown menu will open allowing you to make some customizations to the theme, such as: Accent Color This is something that was suggested a long time ago - and something that, upon examining the District One theme, we realized would be fairly easy to implement into the CU theme. You can customize the accent color to any color you like. Want it a darker shade of blue? Green? Orange? Red? If you can represent it with RGB values, you can make it your accent color. Unfortunately, due to the way that IP.Board 4 works, there's a known issue where if you open any popup dialog within the site, the color will become inconsistent and most elements will reset. We're continuing to look on a way to work around this. If you find any other issues or circumstances that cause the custom accent color to break, report it on our bug tracker. Rank Formatting This is something I've wanted to do for a LONG time. A way to optionally enable the classic rank formatting for users who want it - as well as be able to have it set on classic CU themes for the most immersive nostalgia possible - all without compromising the current color scheme and breaking the modern look of the forums. You can change them on the fly from the menu, or you can choose the "Change Group Formatting" link at the top of the Rank Formatting menu to view more detailed info about the various rank formatting schemes. Currently, the following formats are available: Default - The default formatting CU Classic - The formatting seen on the old CU forums ND Classic - The formatting seen on the earlier days of the ND forums ND Modern - The formatting seen on the later days of the ND forums and used here until February 8, 2020 CU 2015 - The formatting seen on these forums until we returned from the ND forums after their shutdown For more details on what the schemes actually change, check out the page with full details and previews here. So, moving on from the themes, the other "major" change has to do with our ranks, although there's a bit more that goes into it. If you don't like words you can skip all the backstory and get on with it. If you do however like words, you can find the backstory in the spoiler below. The real issue was inconsistency. We'd introduced Forum Mod, Game Mod, Game Helper, and Veteran - fine additions for sure. However, in doing so, the original ranks (which realistically made more sense) were lost - Global Moderator, Minecraft Moderator, and Benefactor. Some ranks were removed that just didn't make any sense or serve any real purpose, including: Server Technician - Was the original rank assigned to Collin and Michael WebDev - Assigned to basically nobody U.A.C. Owner - Was the original rank assigned to Alycat, before she was made a proper Owner of CU Interviewing - Was conceived to be an intermediary rank for someone who was being interviewed for staff - as interviews would be handled via forums somehow? Demoria Administrator - Was given to people who were administrating for Demoria Online, a planned (and later cancelled) MMORPG (this rank still exists in the current forums as Game Admin, but is unused) Demoria Staff - A more general-purpose rank assigned to those who were part of the Demoria team NPC - Also part of Demoria, the idea was that characters of the game would make announcements and such on the forums in-character (or something of that sort) However, even with these excess ranks trimmed out, the rank setup only got worse over time. With the introduction of the Advisor rank, its color was far too visually similar to that of Game Helper. For some people this was more obvious than others. For comparison, the original formats were as follows: Advisor Game Helper The deep blue next to the deep purple tend to be far too similar to be instantly distinguishable. I mostly wrote this off as a nonissue - because after all, how could I dare deviate from the ND rank colors? The other part has to do with the names. As I mentioned before, there was a serious lack of consistency in the ranks. On Discord, we had "Moderator" and "Game Moderator", which matched up with "Forum Mod" and "Game Mod" on forums respectively. On top of this, you have the Moderator rank in Minecraft which is equivalent to Game Mod on both Discord and Forums. The term "Moderator" could easily be muddled up and it's just a total clusterfuck that, quite frankly, doesn't need to exist. So, starting today, it doesn't. Forum Mod (and the Moderator rank on Discord) has been renamed to Global Moderator - which, frankly, is what it's always acted as since we've moved over from ND. Game Mod has been renamed to Minecraft Moderator - since we don't exactly have other gameservers anymore. Game Helper has been renamed to Helper since it isn't exclusive to helping in the gameservers. Along with that, the color for Helper rank has been changed back to its original color from old CU - both for old time's sake as well as to help distinguish it from Advisor. Benefactor rank has not been added to forums - yet. This is something that I plan to explore in the coming days so stay tuned. Benefactors all became Veteran after the move back over - but in retrospect, people who donate $100 or more to the community deserve more than Premium, but Veteran doesn't really work either since it's meant to distinguish those who were members of the old CU or ND. Part of why I was comfortable with this change is the fact that now, any user can essentially opt-out of the change if they so desire. With the new CU themes (and eventually all of the themes if all goes well) having support for user-selected group styles, if you liked the previous group names/colors, you can have them. I'm a nut for preservation and I'm a nut for user choice. I want to enable members to experience the modern CU forums the same way they did at any point in CU or ND history ever. Whether you're from the old CU, ND, or even HurricaneCraft or Tidal Wave Gaming - I try to make it a priority that you can keep on enjoying the forums designs you're already familiar with. I do encourage everyone to use the default theme, but for those of you who want something a bit more old-school, my goal is to ensure that whether it be right now, or 10 years from now - you'll still be able to take a trip down memory lane and see the community through the lenses of the past. But to digress, that's all I've got for now. As future themes get support for the custom group formatting styles I'll let you know. To close off, I want to present a poll. You can vote here on the forums, on Discord, or both if you wish. Your vote will only count once, so you only need to vote on one or the other. Up to you, really. How do you guys feel about the old-school idea of rank icons and glow effects? Would you like to see those become a default for groups like Platinum (and potentially soon Benefactor) once again? Would you like to see them used in other groups? Do you not care either way? Would you be down for updated versions of the original star and heart icons for those ranks (ones that aren't like 16x16 and actually match the rest of the site design) or do you prefer they be left out? Additionally, and this is a bit of an oddball, would you be interested in seeing color-changing support introduced in some of the classic themes that never had it? Would you like to see light/dark versions of classic themes? I can't promise any of these will happen, especially soon - but I do want to gauge if there's any demand for it. Several classic CU themes are pending a full rebuild (or at least massive reworking), and when I get time for it, these kinds of features could likely be accomplished with ease. But hey, that's just an idea. Anyways, that's it for me folks - happy browsing!
  2. Alright, so as of recently there seems to have been some controversy about CU's donation perks. I have been told by a few people that I should remove and/or limit the use of /item, /fly, and /gamemode perks. My stance has been, and still is, to maintain the system exactly as set up by the old CU. This has worked just fine for the past almost 4 years, but this past week people have suddenly had an issue with it - enough where I feel a poll should be conducted regarding this as well as another idea that has been presented to me: a Semi-Vanilla server. Now, this idea is something I mentioned in the previous announcement as something I would not do, but this was in the concept of replacing the main server with such a server. The idea I am presenting now is to have this as a separate server entirely, likely BungeeCord-ed with the main server for easily going between the two. This server would have some basic stuff - /home, /me, CUEmotes, Residence, WorldGuard, Essentials, anticheat, and possibly a single donation rank with a few added perks (maybe) - but that's about it. Staff would have only the extra perks needed to effectively check grief and fix it, moderate, and so on, which excludes a lot of the typical stuff that can be seen as "extras", which means they can play legitimately right beside players. This idea is something that ND experimented with right before we merged with them originally, and it seemed to do well. This idea has been mentioned to me by a few people as well, and while I absolutely will never replace the primary server with this, I believe that setting it up and making it a reality would be both easy on the team and easy on our available server hardware. The poll presents various voting options for how these things should be handled, and get your guys' interests figured out. A couple things to note before we wrap up this topic though: On the 2nd question (the one regarding the perks directly and with the most choices), please PICK TWO - and ONLY two. If you do not pick two, your votes will be ignored entirely. Additionally, these votes do NOT guarantee that we will go in that direction (or not exactly specifically), this is meant to see where current user interest lies and doesn't automatically determine the exact direction we will go. Rather, the votes you make will be taken into consideration when we do decide. This doesn't mean that what the winning vote is won't happen, it just means that us (the CU Staff) ultimately reserve the choice to do what we feel is the best for the future of the community. Also, if you select "Other" for that 2nd question, make sure you give us your idea by replying! The cooldown that was mentioned in the first question was implemented today - it is 15 seconds per use of the command. More details on the update can be found here: Lastly, if you happen to be a donator of these ranks, we want your feedback especially, as everything that was suggested thus far was (mostly) from people who didn't wield these powers. We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we thank you for your interest and participation in helping make CU better!
  3. [Donate via MCMarket] [Griefer] - This group is used for minor grief offenses. You will be unable to break or place blocks and will have to make an appeal. [Member] - This is the default rank upon joining. /bal - Check your balance /bal <username> - Check the balance of others /baltop - See the economy toplist /pay - Pay other players with ingame currency /ignore - Hide chat from other users /tpa & /tpaccept - Teleport to other users /tpahere - Request other users to teleport to you Create and use chest shops /mail - Send and receive mail Post URL's in chat /suicide - Take your own life /rules - View ingame rules /motd - View ingame MOTD /spawn - Teleport to spawn /home - Create, delete, and teleport to homes /warp - Warp to server warp locations /kit tools - Get access to free starting items Unlimited LWC chest protection /sell - Sell the item in your hand for the price in /worth /worth - See the default monetary value /list - See all online players /afk - Set yourself as AFK /msg - Send messages to other users /help - View ingame help [Advanced] - Given upon donating for Donator on the main server (5$) All permissions from Member /me - Access to /me emote /repair - Repair your failing tools /nick - Change your nickname in chat! /back - Return to your death point upon dying Fly mod permission - You will be allowed to use zombe flymod in survival [VIP] - Given upon donating for Platinum on the main server (25$) All permissions from Member and Advanced /heal - Heal yourself when you are hurt /god - Become immune to damage /item - Spawn items /spawnmob - Spawn most mobs anywhere, at will [Helper] - Given by the Owner/Managers Helpers assist the server by managing tickets, and helping the noobs get around. [Moderator] - Given by the Owner/Managers Moderators are the ones who keep everyone in line. [Mod+] - Given by the Owner/Managers This rank is given to Moderators who have been proven trustworthy. These Moderators usually do a little bit more than moderate, but don't do any major management on the server. [Manager] - Given by the Owner These guys manage the server in many ways. Either via interaction to the server console or files, or physical access to the server, or providing other elements that Chaotic United would be dead without. Respect them. They deserve it. These people truly earned their title. [Owner] - Reserved for Haloman30 and Alycat This rank is for the current owner of Chaotic United, Halo. Starting September 2014, Chaotic United was slowly restructured. As time went on, a solid foundation was laid for the new and improved CU. Despite attempts of DDoS attacks and further actions to try and halt this, Chaotic United has returned and continues to grow to this day. [Founder] - Reserved for Killerteddy1 This is the founder and creator of Chaotic United. Despite things he did to help kill CU, he still contributed to the legacy and neither ND nor CU would exist today without the work that he did.