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Found 16 results

  1. On this day in 2016, Nuclear District said it's goodbye. This day shall forever be dedicated in memory to that epic community and its awesome team NuclearDistrict Team Atomicbeast101, Alex, Nik, ntx2, Falkerz, Bobbie_, LaughedSnail, Spencer, KooladeCaprisun, 16dbaxter, ZacSkitlez, Kendev, Em_Aru, DrummerWiz, ilovecars333
  2. Version 1.0.0


    This is the world from the ND survival server. This was aimed to have a much different focus from the previous MC server, as it was meant to be a core survival server. During the runtime of this server, CU merged with ND. Eventually, this server was closed, and the world was made available for download. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


  3. haloman30

    ND Trident Map

    Version 1.0.0


    The map used in the Nuclear District modded MC server, for use with the Trident modpack. In the first stages of ND's modded server, the Trident modpack was used and it was a competitive factions-based server. Eventually, the modpack was changed to Horizons and the Trident world was made public for anyone to download. You cannot take this map, or any structures within it, and run it in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Breaking this rule will result in your download privileges being permanently suspended and could result in your account being banned.


  4. ND Trident Map View File The map used in the Nuclear District modded MC server, for use with the Trident modpack. In the first stages of ND's modded server, the Trident modpack was used and it was a competitive factions-based server. Eventually, the modpack was changed to Horizons and the Trident world was made public for anyone to download. Submitter haloman30 Submitted 09/25/2017 Category Worlds
  5. Hey everyone. We have a fairly large announcement to make! Since September 2014, we have had our eyes on a prize. We have been after this particular thing since day one. And today, it is finally ours. We officially own At the moment, the website domain redirects to, points to our MC server, and points to our TeamSpeak (yes, we still have a TeamSpeak). For those of you who are new aboard the CU train, let me explain the significance of this domain name. The old CU ran on this domain from 2011 to 2013, and it was used by HurricaneCraft in 2014. Since the old CU shut down, the domain was in the hands of either Killerteddy, the former owner of CU, or perhaps one of its higher admins such as Spencer. We really never found out. But a few months ago, the domain changed hands. It was in the hands of a domain reseller called New Ventures Services. We had a run-in with them in the past as they had the domain for a good while until a couple years later when the domain went from them onto many other domain resellers and eventually expired. By that point, I was able to reacquire it. The beloved was a different story. Unlike, it had a long history of having massive amounts of traffic for years. TidalWaveGaming did not get anywhere near as big and thus is why it was dropped - as nobody was going to pay $1300 dollars for a domain with next to no traffic. had tons of traffic and due to the domain's shaky status of going in and out of availability, we jumped on the opportunity and obtained the domain. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to have our site on as we have spent the past three years building the new CU on this new domain. We may migrate everything back to .com, or we may not. At this point we have not decided what exactly to do with it - although we have a couple ideas. Overall, we don't want to throw the domain to the side and leave it as a redirect forever, but we also don't want to do that to which has housed CU since the revival started. What we end up doing is yet to be seen, but for right now, we did it. This is truly a milestone in CU history - one of the biggest ones we could hope to achieve. Moving forward, there is now no other milestone next besides growing the community - and that is what we plan to do. We have a lot of plans behind the scenes for a relaunch of CU as we stated before. And now, with this domain, that relaunch is going to be more epic than ever. The Chaotic United Team ---------------------------------- haloman30 alycat Atomicbeast101 16dbaxter esponshadow1 Blizzardbball
  6. Hello everyone! First off, we have done some bugfixes on the MC server (and a bit on the website). Most of the bugfixes include some minor tweaks and changes as per some requests that were brought to our attention. We have a lot more in the list and we will be working on those as well. You can view the full update log here: Additionally, some changes have been discussed behind the scenes and the cultivation of it all is that Alycat, the other owner of CU who has been lacking in activity for some time is now going to be playing a much more integral role in the community and will be far more active. For a time Alycat was sitting back allowing me to have my way with MC but now we are going to equally share power. In addition, if either of us needs a break then the other will step in, hopefully preventing either of us from getting burned out on Minecraft. Lastly, if any of you guys ever have suggestions, please tell us! We do listen, promise. c: Have a good day everyone, and stay tuned for further announcements in the not-so-distant future.
  7. Hello members of Chaotic United! If you have been with us recently (before ND closed down) you know that we took our MC server offline to do some work, as seen by this post. We didn't say a whole lot as to what was being done to the server. Today, Chaotic United is officially relaunching! Let's get right into the updates. Website The website has seen a good number of changes recently. First of all, there is a new theme selector. We have done some minor edits and facelifts to the old visual styles to bring them more up to date and make it feel more like Chaotic United. In addition to that, we have a theme designed to replicate the visual appearance of Nuclear District's website. For those that prefer the older and somewhat broken themes, they are available under a tab titled 'Classic Themes'. The old theme options are also still available, however due to the way they tend to cause noticeable visual errors they have been moved into a legacy tab. You can still poke with them if you desire but please keep in mind that the website from here on out will not be designed with those options in mind (and frankly have never been designed with them in mind to begin with). In addition to the look and feel of the site, we have some new pages! First off, the Forums tab has been renamed to 'Community' and is now a dropdown. Within it is the old forums link and a new Twitch Feeds page, also inspired by Nuclear District's website. Any Twitch streams that you guys post in the Streams forum that are continuously active, or any Streams we think you should take a look at will be added to that page. Additionally we have an About page that serves as a basic information page and also replaces the old Staff pages. The old staff pages have been moved into a 'Legacy' tab for those who wish to view them, however they will no longer be updated. With a similar layout and design, a Veterans page has been added that memorializes old legends of CU and the staff at ND. Lastly, a new Credits page has been added that has various credits of all the people or groups that had a hand in CU's history, as well as people who have contributed to the current iteration of CU Minecraft.. Minecraft The MC server is of course the main reason you guys are here. Let's get right into it. The most immediate change is that we have finally updated past 1.8! We are officially on 1.10! One bug that has been noted, you should not use 1.10.2 (1.10.1 is untested) as it causes a bug with our anti-cheat plugin and walking on certain blocks will cause it to think you are no-clipping. To prevent the bug, please use base 1.10. In terms of gamemodes, we are launching with Creative, Survival, and SkyBlock. We have a PvP focused gamemode in the works, but we decided to work with it post-launch as to get the server online sooner rather than later. Every single world has been given a brand new spawn. Some things are inspired from past creations, but this time around the builds themselves are brand new. For quite some time, we have been reusing pieces of old spawns or entire old spawns with some sloppy worldedit block filters. Ultimately, it was kind of neat and nostalgic at the same time, but for this relaunch we really wanted to give CU a fresh start, a clean slate from the mess of a server that existed in 2014-2015. Introducing: CraftBook! Some of you might not have a clue what this is. Those of you who do know what it is, are probably excited. It allows for a heap of new changes and tweaks to the game to expand it. Custom crafting recipes, gates, doors, bridges, and so much more. Some of the mechanics are only allowed in survival, and will show a 'You don't have permission to use this mechanic' message in other gametypes. As per before, we will continue to expand the MC server as time goes on and as new features are requested. Lastly, if you have yet to do so, you are invited to the Chaotic United discord server! If you are from ND or wish to keep in touch with original CU members that are not around anymore, check out NARA. Happy Minecrafting, The Chaotic United Team
  8. Hey everyone! As per a user's suggestion, we have created a handful of Chaotic United and Nuclear District wallpapers! Enjoy! 4k
  9. Hey everyone! Today I bring forth something that we are considering internally, which is switching gears and making our main MC server a modpack server. This post is simple, I want to know how you guys feel about it. Please know that this will be a custom modpack tailored to our needs and will not be a standard pack. The pack will be obtainable via the Technic Launcher. So, without further delay, vote away!
  10. Hello everyone! Another community update! First up, NuclearDistrict has closed its TeamSpeak server. This is no surprise however, as ND announced their closure a short while ago. If you have no idea what I am talking about, see these topics: Topic 1 Topic 2. Fortunately, we had also been expecting it. A new TeamSpeak server is now online, and you can connect to it by using any CU-owned TeamSpeak IP's, the main one being It is effectively a 1:1 recreation of the ND TS server. Secondly, we are testing out a new feature that will be used across all CU websites, CometChat! This was used in the very early days of Chaotic United, and now it may be brought back. You can test it by checking this page: The way the page works is that it shows the CometChat bar (look on the bottom of the page) and uses an IFrame to show the forums. For those unaware, an IFrame is a sort of window into another page, and it can be used to browse the page as well. It can also be used to create infinite loops, but it can crash your browser. So don't try it. When using the page you will notice some strange things such as the page having a noticeable white border around it, and there being multiple scroll bars. This is simply because of the way an IFrame works, and it cannot be overcome. In a final implementation the CometChat bar would just be placed on a normal page without the other hiccups you see. Leave your thoughts on it as a reply to this topic, if reactions are positive then it will be integrated to the rest of the site/forums. Otherwise, it just won't be. Lastly, let's talk about the Minecrat server. We do still have some progress yet to be done, but it mostly comes down to building new spawns. But the relaunch is coming much closer and things are finally starting to fit together. Until then, feast your eyes on some screenshots!
  11. Hello, everyone! You may or may not have seen the Shoutbox announcement about maintenance. This maintenance was nothing light as it involved manual database editing. But this maintenance was to add something to the forums, something that would have otherwise been deleted along with the rest of Nuclear District's forum data. I am of course talking about Forum topics and threads. You will not see it on the board index, likely due to caching issues but if you go into a forum you will see that every single forum thread from ND is in the proper place on this forum. A handful of accounts had their author ID's manually reassigned to a true user account, however many will show as a guest account however showing the proper username. If any of those members register in the future, changes can be done to the database and properly assign it to a user account if desired. Enjoy the nostalgia folks. -haloman30 List of members who were properly assigned to their old posts:
  12. Today is a dark day in Chaotic United/Nuclear District history. As of today, Nuclear District has closed down. Their website now holds a memorial message: and contains links to their Discord server and the Chaotic United website. There is some information that was not shared previously that I now feel should be shared. First off, Nuclear District ran off the same forum software that we use today. It is premium/paid software and more addons means a higher renewal price per 6 months. Why is this relevant? Back in 2014, when Chaotic United was first making a return and gained some traction, you may have seen notes in the footer about someone known as GeneralKnapp. At the time he paid for our forums software in full. He was generous and contributed a very large payment towards the CU revival project. But that was in 2014. After that initial payment, he seemingly disappeared off the face of the planet. The first renewal came and Knapp was nowhere to be seen. At that point, 16dbaxter and Mikey were both on board, and they contributed the renewal price. Around the same time frame, they also purchased Blog and Nexus for us to use. GeneralKnapp was not seen for over a year even after all that. He made a small appearance on ND claiming he would pay 100% of all expenses for CU and ND. Afterward he proceeded to vanish again. To make matters worse, in Fall 2015, IPS did a mass password reset, and since Knapp was missing in action we could not reset the password and as a result could not renew or upgrade our license. Recently he resurfaced via Facebook after infinite contact attempts by both myself and Alycat. At this point we both wanted him to simply change the password and security questions so we could do a License Transfer. Unfortunately, he claims not to have access to the account's email and thus the account is now unusable, and the license while valid cannot be renewed or extended. As of last night, Nuke and I discussed some things and I purchased some things from him. One of those things was the Nuclear District Forums license, which can be renewed and upgraded as desired. But what is the other thing you might be wondering? The other thing was the domain name Currently we have no plans to revive ND. Such a thing is not out of the question by any means, but right now we are going be focusing more on Chaotic United exclusively. That being said, when you visit the Minecraft server you are likely to still see some NuclearDistrict branding. Right now we are choosing to keep it "in ND's honor", however if it causes issues/people complain it will be removed. Within the website, a custom homepage style has been created to replicate the look and feel of the ND homepage prior to its closure. Additionally, all forum skins that you could use on ND will be available here, completely untouched. The ND Goodbye page contents: Regardless of what the current team will do with Chaotic United and Nuclear District in the years to come, today is a very pivotal and very sad day. For the first time since CU was relaunched, there is only one set of community members. There is only one forums, one website, one set of services. This fact does hold promise and will truly test if we can rebuild a successful community on our own. The sad part is that a part of the community has died. Some members have moved over here, but many have moved on already and may never see that page or visit these forums. ND was created in the closure of CU, and pulled in a massive block of the community as a result. While ND was a fresh start, it was effectively a healthier and, in many ways, a successor and superior version of Chaotic United. Those forums contained a massive user base from the original Chaotic United, even ancient people such as Spencer and Ntx2. But now that part of the community is gone, never to be seen again except the remnants of which that have come here. For those of you who have come here, we have tried to make you feel at home coming over from ND. We understand that some ND members may not like the direction we are going in, or just dislike the fact that we have chosen Chaotic United as the name to bring back. For those that have such feelings or feel that we are doing something that you feel is wrong we encourage you to let us know either by a Suggestions and Feedback topic or via PM to one of the admins here. This day will be added to the calendar and will be dedicated in memory of Nuclear District for the rest of Chaotic United's lifespan, which is currently set to be quite a long time. Please do know that despite all of this, we will continue to honor donations made to ND on this community as well as old Chaotic United ones. Lastly, the ND staff has setup a Discord server called NARA for the purpose of allowing people to remain in touch with the staff and what remains of the NuclearDistrict community. A link to join that Discord server has been added to the Services and Status sidebar block to allow people to find it easily after the ND goodbye page is gone. Soon, the Forum topics and threads from Nuclear District will be sent to us and will be merged into our existing forums base. Any questions, thoughts, or even if you want to leave any messages to the guys at ND feel free to reply or contact one of us via PM, and if directed towards ND staff they will be sent to them if you desire. Stay Nuclear my friends, but always United. The Chaotic United Team Haloman30, Alycat, ci833508
  13. A quick forums update! First of all, we have a new forums theme! After using Chaotic v3 as the default skin for around 3 years, we have finally gotten a new theme! You can pick it by clicking 'Themes' and then choosing Chaotic United 2016. In addition to the classic CU style light theme, we also have a dark theme as well. We do plan to have a successor to Chaotic v3 in the future (Chaotic v4), but that is for the future. In addition to the new 2016 theme, we have reintroduced a beta version of the Nostalgia theme! You might remember this theme in its Green color scheme from a while back, and a Blue variant to follow up. Then later on, Nuclear District introduced it with a Red color scheme. All of the variants were available on these forums for some time, before the IPB4 upgrade recently. The theme available currently is the ND variant, updated and rebuilt by hand. After this one is completed and finalized, the rest of the colors will be setup and made available. We also will be making another announcement soon relating to the store, so keep your eyes and ears open!
  14. Hello fellow members of Chaotic United and Nuclear District. A very sad and regretful event is now causing us to return here. Today, the admins at Nuclear District announced the end of ND. Services will be shutting down, and eventually the forums with it. While the spark of ND's admins has dwindled, our spark has not. While Nuclear District will be ending, Chaotic United will continue with our endeavours. As per the agreement with ND admins, the entirety of Nuclear District's forum threads will be moved here (though it may be under a generic user account). For those who haven't seen the ND topic yet: Some forums may be read only, and that means we haven't gotten to them yet. There may also be a few hiccups and missing features as we upgrade to IPB4. Additionally, any skins available on ND will also be available here. Remember, even with ND closing, we will always remain United.
  15. Hey everyone! Here you can download the old worlds of CU's MC server and ND servers. The files have been copied onto our webhost as to ensure they are not deleted after ND closes. ND FTB Horizons v1.1.0 - ND FTB Trident v1.3.0 - ND Vanilla MC 1.8.7 - CU Survival v1.8 - CU Creative v1.7/1.8 - You cannot take the maps from the list above and run in your own server or someone else's. This is only for those who wants to continue their projects on it instead of having to start over in single player mode. Enjoy
  16. Please Read the Whole thing before making an assumption. As you all probably know, last week we tried to resolve things with ND and I told them that they could be held liable for defamation. In reality the only post that threatened us was by Kendev who said that staff from CU were just trying to gain profit for personal gain, when that was not the case. I admit that I did over react when I could of asked politely to stop the false claims that we were using CU for personal gain, when in reality we were not. The staff within RTG started panicking a bit because we could not afford any false accusations of conducting business for profit, due to RTG having non-profit status. Our EIN is extremely important for developer kits and without it, our project would lose multi-platform opportunity. If the EIN is suspended, the project will become less of deal to everyone and the project will most likely I've worked 2 years on Demoria and we made a lot of progress since when we first started. But during its development a tragedy occured, one of our teenaged developers in 8th grade passed away from a gas leak in his house. Connor (AKA Pugno) was a developer for the Network Interaction engine that we developed for the game. Connor looked up to me as a role model and the fact I had the chance to work with him gave us both joy. From that day we dedicated the project in his memory and honor. This is relevant to how I reacted because I did not want our 2 years worth of work to go to waste because RTG's gets forcefully dissolved. All the RTG staff know that I hold this project in high esteem , and its very important to me. Any other project manager would say the same thing.Pugno's death always motivated me to overcome any challenge that came to our path, and I rarely messed up. We've had 4 legal cases regarding RTG and our sponsors always sent their legal team to assist us, when needed. I was not involved in a majority of the matter with those legal cases, but I just mentioned those as example proving how we will not end this project easily All I wanted to do was honor my deceased friend, but I acted rashly in the process and it degraded the professionalism of my message and reputation to Nuclear District. But apologizing doesn't get rid of the humiliation that RTG Staff suffered from this incident. I apologize to both the Nuclear District and RTG Staff. You may be asking Do I wish that I could do this over? Absolutely I do, before that conversation it just appeared they were making false claims right out of the blue with a very vague reason. They made themselves more clear now, but you may be asking what the reason was? They thing we should not be running CU because of their contributions to the community that are being used today. Contributions which aren't even visable in my eyes. I'm not going to comment on that any farther, but I do ask you to not have any first impressions from this 2nd incident with me. I know what my mistakes are, I know I messed up, I don't expect to receive forgiveness, but an acknowledgement or an indication that we are at least at good terms would be nice. I've been going back and forth regarding the topic of resigning CU and I just wanted to get all of this off my chest. Thanks, AwakenedRage