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Found 5 results

  1. haloman30

    6/4/2020 Update

    + Added plugin: PGGrifblock + Added plugin: CUMobArena (replaces old, buggy MobArena plugin) + Added plugin: CustomHeads + Re-added plugin: DynMap + Added plugin: WitherAntiCheat + Added plugin: WorldEditSUI + Added MobArena map: fword + Added MobArena map: Hopeless + Added Grifblock map: Sorting Area + Added Grifblock map: Island (has very topical easter egg in the water) + Added Grifblock map: grifword + Added SurvivalGames to /play menu + Added Grifblock to /play menu + Added Grifblock to website minigame map browser + Added Hopeless to website MobArena map list + Added SurvivalGames to website minigame map browser + Added SurvivalGames and Grifblock to Gamemode list on Minecraft page on website * Reduced VeinMiner vein values to reduce lag when using VeinMiner * DYNMAP IS FINALLY BACK (and has been for a bit but this changelog is late af) * Replaced old, buggy MobArena plugin with a custom-coded upgrade by @Windwhistle * Builder can now create Craftbook mechanics in Builder world * Command Blocks can no longer be placed by regular players * MC Rank perk lists now mention additional plots per-rank * Disabled NDParkour built-in protection as it created unnecessary lag (WorldGuard protects the maps just fine) * Member can now use /heads in Creative to spawn custom heads easily * Creator and above can use /heads in Survival * Spleef and Archives are no longer listed as [New] in /play menu * Any user with WorldEdit can now toggle the selection UI by doing /wesui toggle - Disabled Craftbook 'Snow' mechanic to fix players being unable to gather snowballs - Removed plugin: MobArena - Removed Derek Chauvin - Removed Killerteddy
  2. An update has been applied to the MC server in order to do some housekeeping and add room for added features: + Added plugin: PvPToggle * /play (or using the Play item in the hub) no longer shows MobArena or Factions - Removed MobArena - Removed Factions - Removed Killerteddy
  3. So, just yesterday (or earlier today?) I made an announcement on Discord telling people that Factions would be removed in a week if it wasn't played. So far, I've had 0 people asking to keep it and several people asking for its removal - so that's what's happening today. After talking with @Windwhistle a bit last night, I came to the realization that having as many modes as we do may in a sense actually cause more issues. His suggestion was to remove every single gamemode except for Survival - something I am not willing to go through with (unless you guys want it), and while I find that to be very extreme, we are going to dial back our focus on minigames and whatnot and instead focus on the things that made CU great to begin with, primarily survival. Starting today, 2 modes are being removed from the server: Factions and The Arena. Let's go into more detail as to why. The biggest common reason is just that nobody touches it. If I go into any of the other 3 main gamemodes, it's clear that they are all played. From creative spawn, you can go outside and see tons of creations all over the place. Survival, too, has plenty of builds attached to the spawn itself, and more as you go further out. SkyBlock, you can see several islands from the spawn area. But when I go into the factions world, the only clear change from when it was created was a small wooden wall right on the edge of spawn: Additionally, there were only 2 factions that existed that had any members at all. The Arena also had this issue, plus the added bonus of being either outright broken.The original plan was to get a custom plugin to replace the pile of garbage one we had before, but that never happened. We hope to one day revisit the idea when we have more resources to work with (and maybe a paid dev or two), but for now it was just creating clutter. Now as a reminder, Factions can be readded - exactly as they were - if there is demand. It would take nothing more than a couple small config edits and a quick server restart to bring them both back. But, if the demand isn't there, they won't be returning. Now, for those of you with a craving for PvP, we have introduced a feature that some old CU folk should remember: /pvp. In either Survival or Skyblock, you can now do /pvp to enable or disable PVP. If you and another player want to PvP, you both just need to enable PvP. Below, you can read the full changelog for this server update (it's not that long). Be sure to give us your thoughts and feelings on these changes with a reply to the topic!
  4. We have had posts like this before, but things have changed a bit behind the scenes - as well as having a nice boost in player counts since then as well. No fluff or anything, just vote on your gamemode and we will get it added! Additionally, we are planning on expanding servers as well. As with the gamemodes, go ahead and vote on a server as well! The one that gets the most votes will be looked at next!
  5. So I finished the survey for new game modes that should be added to CU (the one made by BlarFlargan). I then I realized that one particular game mode, Mob Arena, was not on the list. This game mode is not very popular in many servers but I remember really enjoying it when I was younger The game mode is basically where you can pick kits, and then are put into an arena full of random mobs that come in waves (not just zombies) but like different types of mobs. Some servers had it a competition to see who wold survive the most rounds among a group of players, while others allowed for people to play solo The system automatically pays the winning players based on how many rounds they survived or the number of mobs they kill. I believe this option should be considered when adding new game modes to CU (maybe sometime in the future). Link to an example plugin: TLDR: We should totally consider getting a mob arena plugin because killing mobs is cool.